Passion Fever

When May Day comes we celebrate
the Maiden in full bloom
with curvy hips & bouncing breasts
trailing sweet perfume...
Juices flow as fever brews
like nectar from a honeydew
enticing all to join the dance
of Nature's heated prance...

In honor of this sacred day
in glorious display
a Maypole stands with phallus free
where ribbons hang & sway...
Drum beats pound provocatively
as Pole is weaved insatiably
in joyous movements up & down
wrapping all around...

Belly dancers shake their hips
in thrusting jolts and wiggles,
Flowing hair and glossy lips
give way to sensual giggles,
Wild with sexuality
desiring virility
inviting passions' flaming kiss
to tantalize with bliss...

We raise our cups to ecstasy
and deep orgasmic pleasure,
feasting free with fires lit
in sweet & soothing weather...
Heated loins both young & old
frolic free in firelight glow,
as lovers twine & bond in play
to love the night away...

~ Mama Silverwitch~
May Day is an ancient holy day that is commonly celebrated on May 1,
but actually marked when the sun enters 15 degrees of Taurus, a fixed earth sign.
It reflects the flowering time of late spring, when the Earth Goddess soaks
in solar rays and grows green & rich with lavish plants and flowers.

In our cycle of life on the Sacred Wheel...
Beltane mirrors the time of puberty when we flower as sexual beings.
Delight is enhanced now. In our sacred myths, the playful children
of the Spring Equinox have now grown into young ladies and lads
discovering their budding sexuality. This also mirrors a time when
our sexual juices are flowing, when the sensual dance of courtship begins
and we are swept away with the power of orgasmic pleasure which
reassures, time and time again, the continuance of life on Earth.

Ritual themes at this time correspond to love, sexual desire, courtship,
unification, sensuality, rapture, ecstasy, passion and pleasure.
Just as the Sun sparks the Earth with new life & power at this time,
the magic of love & attraction also spark the fires of human love
and sacred unions which bring richness and joy to our lives.

The Great Rite or Sacred Marriage can also signify this time, and in
many earth-based traditions and rituals this was enacted by sky clad
rituals around glowing fires or people making love in the fields at night
to bring fertility to budding plants and grain. In May Day Celebrations,
the people take delight in jumping over bonfires with wishes for the future
or dancing around the Maypole, for in this popular ritual the pole
symbolized the male phallus and the ribbons represented the flowing
juices of the fertile female, entwining & uniting in pleasure & delight.

In Women's Traditions, this time honors Menarche, time of first blood,
when a young maiden makes the transition from adolescence to womanhood.
May Day also mirrors the magic of the female & mystery of menstruation,
when we start to bleed with the cycles of the moon and become fertile.
Women's blood creates the world & it was greatly honored in ancient rites.
In native traditions, young women were known to dance in the fields
allowing their blood to flow on the earth to nurture the growing plants.
Another powerful ritual is sitting on the ground during bleeding times,
and offering our blood to the earth in gratitude for all she gives us.
Beltane is a time to honor the Amazon Goddess or Virgin Huntress,
She who is whole unto herself... She who gives her spirit to no one.
Since this sabbat honors a time of sacred love, it also celebrates
the matriarchies of old & the love of women for women...

Beltane celebrates the ecstasy of sensual delight and fulfillment;
the powerful creative force that brings all life into manifestation.
So, feel free to join us in the Circle for this very special time
as we feast, dance, sing, make merry...
& celebrate all lovers in the great erotic dance of life!

Blessed Be