From the Heart

Tis the time of waxing light
gleaming in the Winter Air
thawing snows of innocence
nudging me with silent prayer

Inspiration stirs within
quickening that magic spark
bringing rhymes of poetry
spilling over from my heart

Rising flames of spiral heat
pushing pods of deep desire
channel inner promises
with sacred vows I do aspire...

To myself I shall be true
on this path I will remain,
taking steps with visions clear
drawing courage as I change

Trusting promptings of the soul
dancing toward my destiny
praising inner wisdom source
that echoes ancient mysteries...

Singing songs to Mother Earth
respecting creatures living free
vowing silent gratitude
while basking in prosperity

Candles flicker in the dark
altars drape with flowing lace
rolling sheets of salty rain
glide on panes that mirror my face...

spoken promise binds me now
sealing fate with blessings be
as your daughter seeking grace
Goddess, I belong to thee

by  Mama Silverwitch..... Candlemas, 1998

Feast of the Sacred Flame

Candlemas, marks Mid-Winter on the Sacred Wheel of Life.
It is usually celebrated on February 1st on the Gregorian calendar,
but it actually falls in 15 degrees of the fixed Air sign of Aquarius...
sign of the water-bearer which will bring truth, equality, freedom,
harmony, humanity and a balanced world in the coming New Age.

Also called Imbolc, meaning fire in the belly and growing inner light,
Candlemas celebrates the Mystery of Quickening, of waking, of deep desires
stirring within that will spark our actions and bring purpose to our lives.

Candlemas mirrors a time of inspiration, when the harshness of winter
begins to thaw, melt & merge with warmer energy of increasing solar light.
On the sacred wheel of our life cycle, it corresponds to us as toddlers,
still nursing on mothers breast, gaining nourishment, building strength.
On deeper levels, it represents fanning the fragile flame of the life force
born at the Winter Solstice, when the magical spiraling life-energy begins
to rise up our spines and bring new fire & vitality to our minds & bodies.

At Candlemas, winter turns toward spring so it reflects a time of cleansing,
of warmer rains that wash away winter's decay; when the sting of winter
retreats from its reign and dormancy is replaced with a solemn affirmation
of things to come. Days now lengthen as hope and desire grows in our hearts
for the warmth of life: a perfect time for vows, promises and commitments.

Also called Feast of the Flickering Flame or Time of Returning Light,
this time celebrates the triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother & Crone in
Women's Spirituality Traditions. It is also called Brigid's Day...
to honor the ancient Irish Goddess of Muse & Poetry.  Since it mirrors
a time of inner knowing, of self-recognition and inspiration... we also
celebrate female Avatars such as Aradia, daughter of the Goddess Diana
or White Buffalo Calf Woman, native American teacher of the sacred pipe....
for these goddesses, along with many others, carried sacred knowledge to their
people to alleviate oppression & awaken all to their true power & spirit within.

In our Sisterhood, this is the time of dedication, initiation or ordination,
when we share our inspirations, vows or promises of self-love, when we express
the deepest desires of our heart. It is also a time of recognition, a time when we
share our vows & promises to our self... voice our commitments to the Earth,
or commit ourselves to a path of love or service in the presence of our sisters.

Candlemas marks the age of reason in ones life, when we recognize ourselves
as spiritual beings going through a human experience or as unique individuals
who carry a certain genetic knowledge, wisdom, power & magic within us.
Therefore, our rituals and ceremonies center around ourselves & what is
desired to bring joy, happiness, fulfillment, prosperity & purpose to our lives.

Midwinter is a time of purification, when the harshness of winter is being
dispelled and replaced with meaning, confirmation and new dedication;
when sisters claim magical names that mirror their true spiritual essence.
This is also a time when new sisters are officially welcomed into the Circle,
when we share our vows & commitments with one another; when we
express our true desires to walk in the sacred ways of Earth & Spirit...
to follow a path of recovering and reclaiming and service to others;
when we honor ourselves, our sisters, and our beloved sisterhood.

May this sacred time bring you the grace
of self love & divine recognition!

With Love ... Mama J. Silverwitch