After Autumn grains are stored
Nights grow long & dark once more
Mystic Shadows cloak the Earth
to rest in death and dream rebirth

On Halloween the veil is thin
between the worlds we're living in
so spirits from the other side
may come to be where we reside

Now, many still don't know this night
and many still in wonder gaze
as Jack-O-Lanterns line the streets
and everyone says "trick or treat"

Yet many garb in flowing sheets
and act as ghosts that greet & meet,
miming old and ancient times
forgotten in our hearts and minds

For on this night in every land
women Circle hand & hand
invoking dear departed souls
that left our lives a while ago

We gather on this sacred night
as cauldrons steep on fires bright
to reunite & reminisce
with spirits that we love & miss

When our loved ones are invoked
their magic essence fills the room
to reawaken memories spent
& times we wish we could resume

We also fill the children's sacks
with corn or candied apple snacks
for they're the souls that died before
returning to our doors once more...

So let's remember well this night
& welcome those that come in flight
for Samhain is the special day
we honor souls the sacred way

~ Granny Silverwitch ~
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Halloween is the familiar name for this Holy Day. It is also called Samhain,
All Hallows Eve,  Day of the Dead, Shadowfest or the Wiccan New Year.
This cross-quarter sabbat is celebrated on October 31st on our Gregorian calander but is
actually marked when the sun enters 15 degrees of the fixed sign of Scorpio, a water sign,
& marks a time on the sacred wheel that mirrors death, transformation & transition.
On our side of the world, this is the time when darkness cloaks the Earth;
when seeds from the Fall harvest now lie dormant in the belly of the Great Mother
preparing from gestation during the winter and resurrection in the spring.

In the metaphors of pagan mystery traditions, the sun god now
resides in the underworld as Lord of Shadows and the Goddess becomes
the Crone of Winter resting in peace and waiting for the time of Yule,
when a new Sun Child or solar cycle brings the promise of light, hope & renewal.
In some ancient myths, the Goddess makes a descent to the underworld at this time,
to dance and play with the Lord of Shadows. This union results in the birth of
the Promised Sun Child, light of the world, born at the Winter Solstice.

All is dark and quiet during this time, for we must embrace the darkness
just as we do the light. This holy day mirrors the hidden passage to immortality,
the labyrinth of the other-world, the mystical bridge that leads from realms
of visibility to the world beyond... from death to regeneration to rebirth.
The veil between the worlds is thin now... bringing us closer to the Spirits on the "other side"...
ones that have crossed over to the unseen world, that once walked among us
in this realm, the visible world of manifestation and life in the flesh.

In Women's Traditions, as in many pagan traditions, Halloween mirrors the
mystery of death and immortality... a time when we leave our bodies in the
dark tomb of the Earth Goddess to enter the silent passage of invisibility
as pure essence or to join the spirit world of our ancestors once more.
It is a time when the Goddess dreams & prepares for rebirth and renewal.  
It reflects a time of endings and beginnings and visa versa...
because we cannot have one without the other. It is the
mystical gate to immortality as well as the passage back to mortality.
This is also a time to honor our dearly departed ones and ancestors....

Halloween is still widely celebrated the pagan way. Trick or Treat is an
ancient custom, for our ancestors believed that children showing up on our
doorsteps were long lost relatives that had finally returned to the land of
the living, so were given treats accordingly. Rituals on Halloween are deep &
contemplative as well as festive. They can involve trance journeys, scrying;
deep divinations, seances and stories told about the past. It is a time to
remember our ancestors, to celebrate endings, death, transitions and
transformation, to remember our dearly departed loved ones and most of all,
to dance the double spiral and celebrate our gift of life in the flesh...
knowing someday, we too will make that final transition into the unknown.

May the light of Consciousness Illuminate our Passage through the Dark Shadows!


I give thanks for being alive
to my spirit deep inside
to our precious Mother Earth
sacred land where we are birthed

I give thanks for mountains high
lovely trees that touch the sky
ocean tides that ebb & flow
fires warm with embers glow

I give thanks for pleasure flights
tender kisses of delight
heated loins & smiling face
of every lover I've embraced

I give thanks for restlessness
even jolts of shocking stress
waking up my consciousness
bringing wisdom's sweet caress

I give thanks for every breath
every trial that came to bless,
gifts of health that keep me strong,
discerning powers of right or wrong

I give thanks for gifts of fate
for my kind and gentle mate
for the children that I raised
and sacred purpose I engage

I give thanks to tears that flow
& healing that restored my soul,
safety felt in hearth & home,
quiet repose in times alone

I'm grateful for sobriety,
grand-kids, friends and family
all who share my joy or pain
with a love that does sustain

Finally for the gifts that please,
freedom, joy, prosperity,
sunny days that warm & shine,
restful nights with peace of mind

Many Blessings at Thanksgiving!
Love... Mama J
Join us for Halloween
Remembering our
Dearly Departed Sisters