Feast of First Fruits

As Lammas turns the sacred wheel
we bask in summer sun
to sing & dance with sisters dear
or feast on food and fun,
With Mother's bounty full and ripe
we drink her nectar with delight
and celebrate in sacred rites
the blessings that enhance our life

We honor all the challenges
that came to help us grow
acknowledging the lessons learned
and what we came to know,
We give our thanks for love that binds
for strong relations true and kind
for special friends along the way
that shared our joy or deep dismay

We celebrate sweet memories
or follies spent in vain
we recognize the courage met
through hardship, toil or pain,
We honor the maturity
that came with life's adversity,
the miracles that made us whole
& ancient ways that feed our soul

When it comes to Lammas time
our cups are raised to life divine
we toast her fruits upon the vine
with gratitude & peace of mind,
For the Goddess brings prosperity,
health and wealth and living free
with many other treasured gifts
that bring enrichment, joy & bliss!


Many Blessings at Lammas!
Lammas Celebration

Feast of Gratitude

Feast of the First Fruits or Cornucopia, is celebrated on August 1.
This cross-quarter sabbat falls midway between Summer & Autumn
in the fixed fire sign of Leo. Celtic Traditions call it Lughnasad, to honor
the sun god Lugh; Dianic's call it Habondia or Threshold of Plenty,
for it's a time to celebrate the bounty that is brought forth from our
Earth Mother thanks to the solar power and energy from the sun.

Lammas actually means feast of the loaves or bread and honors
the tremendous abundance in our lives, in body, mind, heart & spirit.
Summer fruits, herbs, vegetables are plentiful and fulfillment prevails.
Solar energy shines radiant, even though it is now in a waning process.
Pagans honor the final stance of the sun god as he pours his remaining
energy into the corn and grain for the Autumn harvest soon to come.

Lammas marks the first harvest assuring our survival, a time of great
feasting, celebration, merriment & gratitude for blessings bestowed.
In our myths, the Goddess and her Consort have now matured.  
Their children have grown & grandchildren have come forth.
He is losing strength. She shares her bounty with all who partake...
so this is a time that mirrors the bounty that blesses our lives...
the fruits of our labor that have come forth from personal effort.

In Women's Traditions, Lammas mirrors our mystery to give milk,
to preserve and sustain, to issue forth sustenance from our bodies.
It also mirrors a pre-menopausal time in our life cycle, when we may
answer a call to reclaim our autonomy, bring forth fruits of our maturity
or begin sharing our greatest talents and gifts with the world around us.

As women, Lammas can mirror our time as grandmothers or the joys
that came from the sacrifices we made to issue forth and sustain life.
It may also reflect a time in mid life when we want release ourselves
from prior commitments or things which no longer serve us; to freely
pursue deeper desires, meaning or individual purpose in our lives...
things we may have yearned to do but put aside at the time because
of our commitments to children, family, mates, work or community.
On the great wheel of life... it is a time of maturity and blessings.

Since Lammas mirrors a time when the Mother Goddess brings forth
her great bounty.... we too honor the fruits we bring forth in the world,
fruits that made us the women we are today; fruits that bless our lives.
We invoke the Goddesses of plenty & good fortune as well... Gaia, Eve,
Fortuna, Ceres, Habondia, Demeter, Corn Mother, Pachamama & others.

Since Lammas also corresponds to feasting on the sustenance of life.
Rituals can also center on blessings received... on healing, gifts,
rewards, prosperity or treasures received from the bounty of life.
It can mirror of time of great recognition, appreciation, gratitude
for all that has served a good purpose; choices that were beneficial;
challenges, hardship or adversities that helped us grow and mature.
This is a time on the great wheel to acknowledge anything or anyone
that brings richer meaning, blessings or value to our lives....
a time to honor and celebrate the gifts of life in all aspects!

Blessed Be

Hail Goddess of the Sun!
Hail Mother who loves us with all pervading heat!
Hail Habondia who pours her cornucopia upon the Earth!
Hail Gaia, Earth Mother, who births all creatures....

We give thanks for the first fruits of her bounty...
For this is her body that promises sustenance,
The sacred flesh of our Mother,
Eat and be filled, my sisters....

Oh Habondia, great is thy bounty
Endless are the streams of thine abundance,
We call upon you now to nourish us
And those around the world who are in need.
Teach us to receive and know that we deserve
Teach us to give and share the overflow....

We are the daughters of the moon
We are the sisters of the sun
We are the mothers of the Earth
We are women, we are one!

by Shekhinah Mountainwater