Our beloved Sister & Friend

On the day Linda Louise Bertram was born,
the newspaper headlines read, PEACE!
And that's exactly what this kind & loving
soul brought with her to this world!

Linda was born on the Fall Equinox, Sept. 23, 1945
when World War II was just coming to an end.
Through the years of our long, close friendship
she confided in me many, many times... but
the story she told that most captured my heart,
along with the true essence of her sweet soul,
was the one shared about a time when she was
4 years old and rigged a blanket tent in her room
so she could hide in it when her parents argued.
She said she'd get so frightened by the bickering
that she have to crawl into the tent to feel safe.
While in her tent one day, she made a decision.
She said she finally realized
right there and then...
that the only way she could have peace in her life,
was to bring as much love to the world as she could
while befriending each & every person that she met.
I think she fulfilled her purpose, don't you?

A few years ago I asked Lyne what she wanted
to do with the rest of her life & she didn't know.
"What was your favorite thing to do as a child "
I asked. "the thing that you loved the most?"
She replied that she loved dressing up in her
mother's gowns, shoes and hats, and traipsing
through the neighborhood visiting everybody!
Lo and behold! That's exactly what she got to do
in the three remaining years of her life. Bravo!

Lyne returned to the arms of the Great Mother
on August 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm and I was told
that she died peacefully with a smile on her face.
In the last days of her life, we got the chance to
say the things we needed to say to one another
and I will always be grateful that we did.
If I could pick just one of her many qualities...
I would say that she had the unique gift of
making everyone she came into contact with
feel unique and special about themselves.
It was the rare quality she possessed and
why so many folks loved being around her.
She was also one of my greatest admirers...
& my life just won't be the same without her.

Goodbye my sweet little friend...
I will miss you very, very much!
" I loved Linda's smile and ability to make all things possible.
She would always say sure, that it could happen and things were fine.
Whatever it was that it was... was just fine.
I loved her bright spirit and gentle soul."
  ~ Darlene Barbieri ~
" She was such a sweet and gentle soul.  
That is what I remember about her.
          And her smiling eyes. "                     
                                                                                     ~ Barbara West ~

" Linda was one of the most generous of women I know.
When I bought my first home on my own, she was my loan broker.
After the escrow closed and I was moved into my house, Linda sent me a card
with a check inside for around $700.00. In the card, she told me I was very special
and stated this was a gift from her to me, which was the price of the brokerage fee.
She stated that she didn't need it, and wanted me to have it.
Whenever I called her and got her voice mail, Linda's wonderful voice would come
on and say 'please have a blessed day' in her message and you could just feel
the wonderful healing energy coming from her. Linda is a beautiful soul."
                 ~ Rhonda Turner O'brien ~

" Linda helped me refinance my property.
She told me what to do every step of the way.
She had my best interest at heart.  She truly wanted to help.
She had an alter set up in her office
& she was up front with people as to who she was.
She was a very classy lady who was very down to earth.
She did my astrology for me as a gift and took great care explaining
everything to me so I'd understand.
I looked up to her and will always love and miss her.
May her heart be light and her wings strong."
                                    ~ Marta Kuehne ~
My Dear Lyne...

I reminisce about our unique friendship and our bond
with one another,  reflecting on the good times we've had,
you and I, the kids, the mates, the lovers, the quests, the films,
books and secrets shared, the many moments singing, laughing,
crying, talking, smoking ... the lessons learned, the spiritual
paths traveled. We go all the way back to the 60's when you
followed me down Camden Avenue to make sure I was OK.
I'm hoping you do the same in the spirit world, that you watch
out for me, that I'll continue hearing your voice in the winds,
that you come for me when it's my turn. But until then, I want to
thank you for being my dearest friend, for our precious moments
together,  for all the gifts exchanged,  for all the dreams shared.

You have touched many, many people little sister... one on one,
heart to heart, in the most profound ways, and I'm proud of you
and the life you've lived. You are a rare spirit Lyne. You have the
unique gift of making people feel special, of seeing the beauty in
themselves, of having faith in their abilities. That's why they flock
to you, because they see their unique beauty reflected in your eyes ...
and everyone wants to feel special. That's how you made me feel
when we first met, special, unique, cared for. When I saw myself
through your eyes,  I just couldn't give up on myself and
because of this,  I became the woman I am today.

You were part of my awakening Lyne, one of my greatest fans,
and you played a big part in my life.  I will always be grateful to you
for that , along with the many years you opened your heart, home
& soul to me. You are a rare spirit babe, so fly free on your journey
and let the love soak in everywhere you go... carry it with you to
the next world... where you and I will once again be united...

I will grieve deeply for you my friend. I will miss you profoundly.
My life will not be the same without you... it just won't...
but I will always be with you Lyne and I will continue walking
& talking with you until I leave this world myself.. and someday...
in another time and place... we will be sure to sing another song,
dream another dream & dance through the seasons once more.
Until then... I will hold you in my heart & soul forever.

Love.... Jo
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Remembering JoAnna's Mom

Linda was survived by her three children, Bill, Shalene and Micheal;
her daughters' in law, Beth Roberson and Carolyn Roberson; and her nine
grandchildren: Sarah, Chris, Josh, Kiley, Arron, Katie, Jessica, Devin, Lissie