Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle of Maidens, Mothers & Crones...
was founded in 1985 in Campbell, California.
Below, JoAnna stands in her backyard on Hamilton Ave.
where it started, hugging the special Life Tree Thomas
planted for her while she was healing from breast cancer!
Below she holds open the door to her famous Moon Lodge...
where many talks, readings, rituals & healing took place.
JoAnna & Thomas in front of one of the
Yule Trees they planted. Today, those 5
pine trees hover high above the house!
Welcome to the Hamilton Avenue Moon Lodge...
Come and sit for a SPELL....
Circling on Hamilton Avenue
in the Early Days!
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Our Last Moon Circle in Campbell ... 11-16-97
Vicki & Davina ... Vicki is responsible
for creating FERTILE GROUND in 1994.
JoAnna & Andrea... It was
Andrea who prompted us to
create Pass the Rattle Circle's
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Young JoAnna