Online Tarot Readings
by JoAnna

JoAnna has been counselling , teaching and practicing
the ancient art of the Tarot and Astrology for over 50 years...
and now... thanks to the marvelous gifts of technology...
she can offer you private Tarot Sessions and individual
counselling right in the comfort of your own home!

TAROT is a language of the soul. Therefore, it
mirrors the processes of our lives and the various states
of consciousness that we all experience on our
journey of self-discovery and our life in the world.

To Book a Reading with JoAnna
please call her at: 775-882-1599
You must Pre-Pay for your reading with
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JoAnna will then call you    
to book your Tarot Session on Zoom


COST:   90 minutes $75.00 ~~~~  2 hours: $100.00

Originally, the Tarot was used as a pictorial language to
assist those in ancient mystery schools, who couldn't speak
the same language, communicate with one another,
and to preserve ancient mysteries in symbolic form.

A Tarot Reading reflects our state of consciousness. It mirrors
what's going on in our lives mentally, emotionally, physically
and spiritually and primarily focuses on the HERE & NOW.

Tarot can provide us with a deeper understanding of ourselves
and the world around us. It can clarify or confirm what we
already know within, assist us in decision making, and give us
an overall view of what is going on in our lives right now.

Not only that.... it's fun!

JoAnna began studying the art of Astrology in her teens
and has shared her interpretive wisdom of the Birth Chart
and the Compatibility Chart for over 50 years.

A Birth Chart shows the placement of the planets at the exact time
of our birth. It shows the strengths and characteristics we were
born with as well as what we came into the world to do.

A Compatibility Chart, or Synastry, is a branch of astrology that
studies relationships by comparing the natal charts of two people and
interpreting how well they are suited to one another other,
including the challenges and gifts they bring to one another.
JoAnna is now offering Natal Charts with
personal online Zoom time for interpretation...
Compatibility Charts (2 natal charts) with
personal online Zoom time for Interpretation

Birth Charts and Interpretations
are always included & mailed out to you.

1 Birth Chart with Written Interpretations by JoAnna:
(please include your mailing address if you want it sent to you)

1 Birth Chart with 90 minutes of Zoom-time
for Interpretation
~  $85. 00

Compatibility Charts (2 separate natal charts)
blended together for compatibility with 90 minutes
of Zoom-time with JoAnna for Interpretation

To order Natal Charts from JoAnna please pay below:

1. Name (s) and date of birth ----  2.  the exact time of birth,
(usually on your birth certificate)
3.  Where you ( were born  (City, State, County, Country)

Please include your phone number so JoAnna can call you
with questions or to set up your Zoom Interpretation Time.
You can also order your Astrological chart by phone
and schedule your Zoom Time by....

Calling JoAnna at 775-882-1599
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