Poetry by Silverwitch

Sacred Wheel Dancing

I love to dance around the wheel as every season changes
for Days of Power mark the way that Nature rearranges,
Every Sabbat mirrors our lives in one way or another,
bringing times to celebrate with sisters, friends or lovers...

Winter Solstice starts us off near blinking Xmas Trees
welcoming Lucina's light with friends & family,
Eggnog pours as kids adore the magic tales of Yule
& sacred rites near mistletoe bring rebirth & renewal...

Candlemas is Brigid's Day, the feast of sacred flame,
when we take our holy vows & claim our magic names,
blessings ring as sisters sing & self love claims the heart
as inspirations fill the air with longings to impart...

Spring  Equinox brings magic to maidens old & young
with rituals of enchantment that trigger play and fun,
As Kore resurrects again we sing & dance with glee
chanting rhymes or fairy tales to set our spirits free...

May Day mirrors ecstasy & deep orgasmic pleasure
prancing round the Maypole beating drums together,
Lovers dance into the night near blazing Beltane fires,
& passion blooms beneath the moon, rousing deep desire...

Summer Solstice warms us all in golden radiant light
playing in the forests and gazing stars at night...
Dancing around the campfire as queens of life & power,
we celebrate abundance as magic claims the hour...

When it turns to Lammas time & fruit is ripe upon the vine
we lift our chalice to the skies in gratitude for life divine,
We count our many blessings & the graces that sustain,
as Habondia brings bounty of nectar, corn & grain...

Fall Equinox brings nuts & grains as golden leaves appear,
Persephone descends the caves & restful times draw near,
We circle round the labyrinth in rites of deep reflection
& crones are honored for their gifts of wisdom & perception...

When crystal balls on Halloween reflect a mystic glow
We honor dear departed ones that left a time ago,
Shadows cover mother earth as seeds gestate below,
& Hecate brings quiet repose as magic claims the soul...

I love to dance around the wheel as every sabbat traces
a deep reflection of our lives to mirror our many faces,
& when our journey's over, we take the seeds we've sown,
along with memories gathered, to future paths unknown...

Join us in our dance around the sacred wheel
& let the magic of Her seasons fill your heart!

With many Blessings.... Mama J.
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Ancient Echo's

From whence I came, I cannot tell
but distant times I do recall
when temples stood with pillar stones
in groves of trees that rooted tall

The sundial's face in waxing light
reflects a time of long ago
when I would stroll in sandaled feet
on rolling hills of green & gold

The salty sea with ebb & flow
sent morning drifts of fog & dew
and on her beach I'd walk at dawn
to gather shells as day renewed

Her gusty winds would whistle free
in coves where lovers stopped to dwell
as children played near rushing waves
that washed the sands with mounting swells

In gardens ripe with blooming pods
and fragrant herbs of sweet & sour
poetic sonnets filled my thoughts
in moments spent amongst the flowers

The land was rich with fertile soil
while endless bounty did remain
with milk and honey flowing free
in bellies full of fruit & grain

The news was gathered far & wide
while weaving cloth or spinning tales
& elders napped with blissful smiles
midst rubbing stones & churning pails

Our songs were carried by the winds
as neighbors gathered all around
to celebrate our sacred rites
'round altars built on holy ground

Our bodies danced to flutes & lutes
as drum beats carried high the hills
& sensual movements wild and strong
went prancing proud in flowing frills

As sunset's glow of pink and orange
turned purple in the twilight air
a soothing bath of sweet perfume
from petals soft would wait my care

When my consort came to call
our loins would twine in wild delight
as full moon cast black silhouettes
near flickering flames of firelight

We never feared for safety then
for all was well in times like these
twinkling stars brought peaceful dreams
to grateful hearts that slept with ease

These ancient echo's haunt my soul
with glimpses lived so long ago
they rhyme in time like soothing tides
invoking memories in my soul

From whence I came, I cannot tell,
but sacred times I do recall
where temples stood with pillar stones
in groves of tree's that rooted tall

~ Silverwitch ~

    Prayer to Kwan Yin

    Goddess of the Orient
    Ancient Chinese Mother
    Teach us generosity
    And how to care for others
    Meet us on your rainbow bridge
    beneath a moon light glow
    Show your gentle arts of love
    that heal the world whole

    You who hears the weeping world
    Who feels our strain and pain
    You who knows our silent cries
    Our suffering in vain,
    Touch us with your mercy
    And your gentle heart that flows
    With kindness & compassion
    To heal the world whole...

    You once walked among us
    As Miso Shan, the girl
    You knew the fear and sorrow
    Of a troubled world,
    So teach us how to walk a path
    of dignity and grace,
    With deeper understanding
    for the human race...

    Lady of Enlightenment
    Bathe us in your bliss,
    Raise our human consciousness
    Seal it with your kiss...
    Wrap us in your lotus flower
    Warm us in the cold,
    Sing your soothing song of hope
    to heal the world whole....

    Silverwitch, 2009

* Artwork by Josephine Wall & the Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto
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