Recovering & Reclaiming

My Reflection

I heard her voice in springtime's breeze
Near quiet ponds in wooded trees
She beckoned me, "come look to see,
reflections of my soul in thee!"

I gazed in the water & saw her daughter
a flowered maiden of beauty rare
and she was me when young & free
& sunbeams danced upon my hair...

In waters maze, I watched her change
to a Mother filled with Life & Power
Her arms embraced a lovers face
and children born of wild desire...

Then shifting like a sunset sky
came a silver witch with laughing eyes
a Crone of vision, steeped in wisdom,
speaking truths of endless time...

With joy I wept as musings came
and ancient echoes spoke my name
for I was blessed in sacred space
awakening to Love's embrace...

In Nature's glass 'twas plain to see
a changing woman I would be
that grace and beauty did reside
to weave my life of shifting tides...

At last I felt my Spirit rise
to dance beneath the moonlit skies
for as the mountain and the sea
She is the Goddess, mirrored as Me!

Lady J - 1986
Women's Spirituality
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To Thee I Sing...

When fragrant colored flowers bloom
with beauty from your sacred womb
I'll paint some rainbows in the sky
As fairies trail your sweet perfume...

When rivers flow in rhythmic rhyme
'round leaves of green & twisted vines
I'll fill my cup of blessings be
As children play and lovers twine...

When grains come forth in summer glee
and milk & honey spring from thee,
I'll fill my bowl with juicy fruits
And bounty from your swaying trees...

When starlight glows in blackened skies
and drops of moonbeam kiss my eyes
I'll howl to the beat of trancing drums
while swirling sparks from fires rise...

When sunlight warms my sacred space
or moonlight glows upon my face
I'll make a shrine of crystal stones
reflecting all your radiant grace...

Oh Goddess... it's to you I sing
I give you thanks for every thing
for sensual magic wild and free
and joyful pleasures that you bring...

In gratitude for all I've known,
For lessons learned, for places roamed,
for freedom's song in heart and soul
I dance the Earth, my sacred home...

Sisters in the Sacred Circle welcome
all Recovering & Reclaiming Women!

RECOVERY is returning to the authentic self
through a transformational journey that alters
our consciousness and perception of reality.
It is a deep healing process that restores us to a
genuine state of health on every level of being....
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

RECLAIMING is restoring our oneness with
Spirit & Nature, while embracing a way of life
that honors our unique mysteries as women,
made in the image & likeness of the Goddess.
It is a path that celebrates our power, wisdom,
& oneness with all things in the great web of life!

Many dis-eases, whatever the symptoms, are caused by
inner or outer disharmony rooted in illusions of the mind.
These mindsets are created by our conditioning in
Patriarchy and by living in dysfunctional systems that
separate us from ourselves and each other, and sever
our ability to flow with natural forces & cycles of life.

To RECOVER, we go through a process of reclaiming mind,
body and soul by uncovering, discovering & discarding
everything that stands in the way of being whole,  for only
through a process self-examination, amendment, change
and transformation, of recovering & reclaiming, can we
truly be empowered enough to live authentically
and harmoniously in the world.

In The Sacred Circle, we utilize the Steps of Recovery while
embracing the path of the divine feminine to restore the
fragmented pieces of our soul lost to us in Patriarchy.
Many of us developed mind-sets & grave emotional patterns
leading to deterioration of the soul and dysfunctional living,
but we are clear that change, transformation & restoration is
possible when seek a way of living that reconnects us with our
Soul, the Earth, each other, and our true mysteries as women.

~ Silverwitch ~

The Healing Has Begun!

The Sacred Circle has welcomed hundreds of women from all walks of life
for over 30 years now because reclaiming our unique mysteries as women
is vital to our complete recovery, healing, happiness and fulfillment.

Every women in the world needs recovery from Patriarchy, on one level or another,
because we've all been subjected to the oppressive effects of a male-dominated world
and need to find our own sense of worth, importance and value in order to heal.

Most women struggle all their lives with underlying discomfort, pain or abuses
resulting from the underlying beliefs and actions of patriarchal culture, and this
alone produces numerous forms of stress, depression, dis-ease & dysfunctional living.

Many sisters come to the circle because they have a void inside they can't seem to fill,
even if they've been in therapy or recovery for a long time, have the best education, or
have all they need in the material world to keep them comfortable. We understand.

Many of us also discovered that a number of "issues" unique to women are overlooked
in Twelve Step Programs simply because the program was created by men for men in
the 1930's and does not focus on issues that relate to women. Even the language of the
12 Steps can be challenging to both men and women at times, especially if they do not
relate to patriarchal thinking or do not honor systems of patriarchal religion.

Because 12 Step Programs unconsciously reinforce images of Patriarchal religion, this can
be a great stumbling block to women who struggle with codependency and low self esteem.
Also, many addictive women need deeper healing from the abuses of Patriarchy alone,
so trying to fit into another patriarchal system, even in recovery, can be one more way
to completely sabotage ourselves from the freedom from bondage we are seeking.


A great majority of women don't understand this because they've been
enmeshed in Patriarchal systems for so long that it has become a normal
way of life to them and they are unable to discern the differences.


No matter what our symptoms are:  internalized oppression, codependency, obesity,
compulsive disorders, depression, chemical  imbalances, allergies or addictions to people,
work, money, sex, food, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, pills, drugs or other substances, every woman
in recovery must address this core issue and break away from patriarchal mindsets if she really
wants to heal her life and live authentically. This can also mean embracing a spiritual path
that celebrates who we are as women; one that makes sense, one that mirrors our sacredness;
one that helps us recognize our unique values and mysteries in the divine scheme of things.

Just like many women today, I too struggled innocently and ignorantly for many years,
giving my power away to people, places, things and the numerous beliefs of Patriarchy.
I was filled with shame, confusion, rage, sadness, self-loathing, even boredom until I
started embracing a spiritual path and way of life that honored who I was as a woman.
This has created powerful changes for the better and many of us can testify to that.

12 Step programs promote
deflation of the ego which can trigger a spiritual awakening,
but many women have been extremely suppressed and deflated by Patriarchy already
along with the continual mindsets that go with it, so many women need empowerment
rather than total ego-deflation in order to recover from the internalized oppression and
codependency so prevalent in women who live in extreme patriarchal environments.

Recovery & Reclaiming brings the empowerment of an authentic life,
a life that mirrors our true values, cycles, and abilities as women because we learn
to integrate our inner life with our outer life to bring authenticity and integrity.
That's why we created 13 Steps in our Circle rather than 12.

13 is a magical number that relates the Earth, Moon & Feminine Mysteries.
It corresponds to the 13 lunar cycles that regulate a woman's fertility
cycles as well as the emotional cycles of every man and woman on earth.

There are also 13 weeks in every season and 13 days from new to full moon.
13 is not divisible and also refers to the right hemisphere of the brain
which is the doorway to the soul and our connection with divine energies.
Since the Goddess is the Soul of Nature,
Woman Magic is Earth Magic;
and because the forces of nature deal with waxing and waning cycles of life,
from cradle to grave, we must also reclaim our ability to flow and resonate with
these natural cycles in order to be healthy and live comfortably in our own skin.

Many of us in the Circle have discovered the root cause of our discomfort and
dysfunction and that's a gift that frees us in ways never dreamed possible.
Some of us also discover that we haven't been seeing ourselves as we truly are,
even in our programs, that we've been brainwashed for centuries by the very
religions and cultural systems that say they have our best interest at heart.

Women have been living a "lying story" for many centuries now;
enforced by myths of patriarchal religion and we must wake up to recover.
Many of us in the Circle still attend our recovery meetings on a regular basis
and are eternally grateful for the gifts we receive from our 12 step meetings,
but we also found it extremely necessary to sit in women's circles, away
from patriarchal influences, to rediscover the truth about who we are.

The Sacred Circle is not a recovery program, nor is it a substitute for recovery.
It is an enhancement to recovery, a women's spiritual path that allows us to step out
of male-dominated mind-sets long enough to look into a different mirror, one that
reveals our natural spiritual gifts, one that mirrors our true feminine beauty,
power, wisdom, love and magic; one that breaks the chains that bind us!

The Circle provides sharing circles, celebrations, studies, education, rituals, retreats,
and new ways of honoring life so we can release ourselves from the bondage of
the past and live authentically and freely with dignity and joy in the present.
So please join us as we trudge the road of happy destiny one day at a time.

Remember: To Thine Own Self be True!

~ JoAnna Silverwitch ~


The Unfolding of the Goddess
involves the creation of new space...
in which we, as women, are free to become who we are.

It's center is on the boundary of patriarchal institutions.
It's center is the lives of women who begin
to liberate themselves toward wholeness.

Entry in the new space involves entry into new time.
The center of this new time
is on the boundary of patriarchal time,
for it reflects our personal lifetime
as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  

It is whenever we are living out our own sense of reality
and refusing to be possessed, conquered, or alienated
by the linear, measured out time of the patriarchal system.

May we always be free to be ourselves
and honor our true mysteries as women.

Mary Daly