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Remembering our Dearly Departed1941
Auntie Adeline Stasi
First Crone in The Sacred Circle
January 12, 1908 - Halloween Day, 1997
Vivian Heeschen
Cherished Wisewoman & Mentor
April 1, 1920 - August 23, 1992
Julyette Moreno
Beloved Maiden in The Sacred Circle
March 23, 1971 - Summer of 2006
Shekhinah Mountainwater
Beloved Crone in The Sacred Circle
October 24, 1939- August 11, 2007
" From me all things have come... and unto me all must return..."

~ Charge of the Goddess ~


I miss you most at Samhain,
when the boundary turns to sheer,
when at last the veil is parted
at the closing of the year...

When the link between the worlds
makes it easy to appear
letting mystic moments happen
making memories near & dear...

O Sweet spirits, walk among us,
Be our guests this Hallows Eve,
Let your presence come at twilight,
as your spirits ride the breeze...

From the glowing of the candles,
to the shadows on the wall,
Let us sense your every movement,
even hear you if you call...

When the crystal balls are glowing,
may your fragrance fill the room,
in a mist of flowing essence,
under silver stars & moon,

Please come in & stay awhile
as the portal opens wide,
for we bid a humble welcome,
and we pray you will abide...

Let us feel your loving presence
in the stillness of the air,
Let us reach out to your spirit
for a sacred moment shared...

For we miss you most at Samhain,
When the boundary turns to sheer,
So let us cherish time together
then bid farewell until next year...

~ Silverwitch ~

Inspired from the poem by D.O. Morris


Halloween is the familiar name for this Holy Day but it's also been called...
All Hallows Eve, Shadowfest, Day of the Dead, Samhain or Witch's New Year.
This last cross quarter sabbat is celebrated on October 31st... though some say
its true date is when the sun enters 15 degrees in the fixed water sign of Scorpio
... marking the end of the yearly cycle & mirroring a time of death, transformation
and transition into the invisible realms on the sacred wheel.

This is when darkness cloaks the Earth;
when the remaining seeds from the Fall harvest now lie dormant in the belly of
the Goddess. In the metaphors of pagan mystery traditions, the sun god now
resides in the underworld as Lord of Shadows and the Goddess becomes
the Crone of Winter... resting in peace and waiting for the time of Yule...
when the returning sun light brings the promised child of hope & renewal.
In some myths, the Goddess makes a descent to the underworld at this time,
to dance and play with the Lord of Shadows. This union results in the birth of
the Promised Sun Child, light of the world born at the Winter Solstice or Yule.

All is dark and quiet during this time, for we must embrace the darkness
just as we do the light. This sabbat mirrors the hidden passage to immortality,
the labyrinth of the underworld, the mystical bridge that leads from realms
of visibility to the world beyond... from death to rebirth. The veil between
the worlds is thin now... bringing us closer to the Spirits on the "other side"...
ones that have crossed over to the unseen world, that once walked among us
in this realm, the visible world of manifestation and life in the flesh.

In Women's Traditions, as in many pagan traditions, Halloween mirrors the
mystery of death and immortality... a time when we leave our bodies in the
dark tomb of the Earth Goddess to enter the silent passage of invisibility as pure
spirit essence or consciousness. It is a time when the Goddess dreams & prepares
for rebirth and renewal.  It reflects a time of endings and beginnings and
visa versa... because we cannot have one without the other. It is the
mystical gate to immortality as well as the passage back to mortality.
This is also a time to honor our dearly departed ones and ancestors....

Halloween is still widely celebrated the pagan way. Trick or Treat is an
ancient custom, for our ancestors believed that children showing up on our
doorsteps were long lost relatives that had finally returned to the land of
the living, so were given treats accordingly. Rituals on Halloween are deep &
contemplative as well as festive. They can involve trance journeys, scrying;
deep divinations, seances and stories told about the past. It is a time to
remember our ancestors, to celebrate endings, death, transitions and
transformation, to remember our dearly departed loved ones and most of all,
to dance the double spiral and celebrate our gift of life in the flesh...
knowing someday, we too will make that final transition into the unknown.

Blessed Be...
Linda Crumb Itanen
Beloved Sister in The Sacred Circle
February 20, 1962 -  December 14, 2008
Rev. Tirza Ericson
Beloved Sister in The Sacred Circle
December 10, 1951 - April 9, 2009

Dorothy Moreno
Beloved Crone in The Sacred Circle
November 2, 1914 - September 20, 2009

Auntie Dorothy was the last living
matriarch in JoAnna's paternal lineage,
& a contributing member of the Circle.
Her life was devoted to motherhood,
cooking, nursing, teaching, church
& the blessed virgin-mother, Mary.
She passed away peacefully as the
sun was rising on September 20, 2009.
She is survived by her two daughters
Nickie Moreno & Marilyn McCarthy.
Dorothy would have been 95 years old
on All Souls Day in November, 2009

When I Die

When I die, give my body to the wimmin,
They'll know what to do.

They'll know how to hold it
And lovingly wash it
And bless it with herbs & oil.
They'll know how to wrap it
In simple woven cloth
And lay it to rest.

They'll know how to drum out a beat
And chant low & throaty
And let it grow & growl & keen.
They'll know how to dance me & sing me
And laugh me into Her arms
And how to celebrate who I was.

They Know how to lay me in a shallow grave
And cover me with leaves
And trace an ochre spiral on my brow.
They'll know how to call the slugs
And worms to feast on my flesh
And return this which was only borrowed.

When I die...
Give my body to the wimmin.
They'll know what to do.

Rosie Johnson
Kim Wood
Beloved Sister in The Sacred Circle
March 1987 - July 18, 2010
Linda Roberson
Beloved Crone in The Sacred Circle
September 23, 1945 - August 7, 2010
Eleanor Sulli
JoAnna's Beloved Mother
September 10, 1922 - October 5, 2010

Beloved Mother, Grandmother,
Great-Grandmother, Wife, Aunt & Friend,
JoAnna's mother Eleanor was the
heart and soul of the Sulli Family with a
deep faith in the Blessed Mother, Mary.
She was a full time homemaker
most of her life and loved taking care
of children, cooking, dancing, singing,
playing the piano and visiting with others.
She lost her husband of 57 years in 2001
and was 88 years old when she passed.
She will be deeply missed by her
family and friends alike.
Jen Furlong
Beloved Sister, Queen
in The Sacred Circle
July 31, 1954 - March 23, 2011
Thomas D. Ells
Beloved Soul-Mate, Consort,
Brother, Father, Grandfather, Friend
January 5, 1947 - May 2, 2011
Judith Cureton
Beloved Sister Crone, Elder
in The Sacred Circle
Aug 8, 1941 - March 7, 2017
Remembering our Dearly Departed