Springs' the time to celebrate
the Goddess who has risen,
Soft pastels, flowers sweet,
Garlands made of ribbon,
Fluffy clouds, rainbow hues,
Eggs hatching babies new,
Groves of Green, sprinkling rain,
Seeds sprouting once again...

The Equinox will mark the time
to praise a daughter's glory
as Easter Bunnies hop about
in fairy tales and stories...
Dawn comes to light the way,
Lilies bloom & Lilacs sway,
Eyes twinkle, hearts are gay,
Fairy's swarm in proud display...

A magic mirror reflects the face
of ageless beauty, timeless grace,
Flights of fancy claim the soul
as rapture moves the young & old...
Wild enchantment fills the air,
children dance without a care,
Flowing waters trickle free
Waking Earth's fertility...

We'll come together merrily
to romp & feast with blessings be
beating drums, ringing chimes,
chanting favorite nursery rhymes...
We'll cast a circle full of fun,
where rapture captures everyone,
twirling, swirling, Nature's floor
as Goddess comes alive once more!

~ Silverwitch ~
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Join us for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is the first day of Spring, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, a
cardinal Fire sign. This is when forces of waxing solar light now equal the darkness.
From the time of the Winter Solstice until now, the sun's light has been increasing
on a daily basis, bringing more warmth to the Earth as seeds below gestate in her belly.
On the Equinox, day and night reach a perfect balance, then solar light will continue
ascending and increasing until it reaches its peak at Summer Solstice.

Spring mirrors the mystery of resurrection and fertility, when the Earth is bursting
forth once again with blossoming splendor in the radiant energy of the sun.
Babies are now appearing everywhere in Nature. The hum of the birds and bees
vibrate through budding trees with increasing sounds of waking life. All is reborn.

The infant light at Winter Solstice & the sacred flame of individual recognition
at Candlemas now comes full force with new resurrected life. Children of the
Goddess now stand on sturdy legs, playful and inquisitive. They run together
playfully in fields of green with rainbows and pots of gold to discover.
In religious myth, daughters & sons of the Goddess are resurrected now,
and play together as children. In Women's Tradition the maiden Kore
now returns to her Mother Demeter, Goddess of the growing things,
after her long trip to the underworld. All rises from the tomb of the Earth.
All is bursting forth with new life, growth, wonder and splendor... a perfect time
to sing, dance, feast, make merry... to celebrate the maiden within us all.

In the Spring, our pagan ancestors celebrated the Easter Bunny, a creature of fertility
as well as the Easter Egg hunt. The Egg represents the cosmic egg of pre-Christianity,
once the Goddess's Egg opened by the sacred serpant. Easter was originally named
after the Goddess Ostara, maiden of growth, and the date of Easter is still calculated
by the Church in accord with Mother Nature... because it always falls on the first
Sunday after the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox. Check it out
The Vernal Equinox is a time of resurrection, enchantment, growth, sprouting,
playing and exploring. In the Circle, our rituals and themes center around
honoring ourselves as her sacred daughters, her children free and wild,
for Spring invokes the inner child within us... and mirrors a time of fun,
youthful folly, innocence, playfulness and joy... when childhood was simple,
& life less complicated... when the magic still existed & the enchantment
of Nature still sung to our souls...when we danced in the meadows & creeks
with fairies, elves, gnomes & elemental beings... or talked with our spirit guides
in quiet groves and gardens of our youth... when life was a healthy adventure
and the world seemed a friendly place...when our minds and hearts were
opened to the beauty, splendor and rapture of every living creature around us!

Come join us in the Spring Circle this we lift our hearts
in gladness & capture the magical essence of Springtime!

The Goddess is Alive!
Magic is Afoot!

Blessed Be