The Summer Gathering
When honoring the longest day
we gather in the mountains
to bond with cedar, pine and oak
near trickling creeks and fountains,
in solar light we claim the right
to sample garden treasures
as favorite fruits and vegetables
add spice to feasting pleasures

Mother Goddess opens wide
with fullness, life and power,
great abundance showers all
from Nature's grand attire,
brimming generosity
mirrors her grandiosity
fruition and prosperity,
fulfilling deep desire

When sunset paints the western sky
we celebrate the hour
casting magic ritual spells
then raising cones of power,
Lord and Lady join the dance
and rhyming chants inspire
as twilight brings new songs to sing
'round blazing Solstice fires

Moonlight glows in midnight skies
while campfire embers glow
lanterns sway on redwood limbs
as summer breezes blow
Gaia's lavish Earth domain
feeds creatures all around
as we dream in peaceful bliss
on mossy sacred ground

~ Silverwitch, 2002 ~

Summer Solstice is the first day of summer when the Sun enters the cardinal
water sign of Cancer. It is also called Litha or Midsummer in Pagan Traditions.
This is another pivotal point on the sacred wheel... when the solar light of
the sun reaches its full brilliance and will now begin to wane. From here,
days will decrease while nights gradually grow longer. The wheel of life will
now turn toward the mystery of winter, even though it's still months away.

Summer Solstice mirrors the Creatrix: SHE WHO CREATES ALL LIFE.
It also mirrors sexual power and fulfillment, motherhood, the will and
power to nurture, sustain, and preserve life with our bodies.
The Mother Goddess of life and power is honored at this time,
SHE who births all life in the world and sustains it with her body.
Our Mother, the Earth, now brings her abundance forth to feed the people.
With power and energy from the sun, she now floods the earth with
plants, fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies and sustain our lives.  

On Midsummer Night in the Dianic Tradition... fire festivals are often held
to honor fire-queens of love like Vesta, Rhea, Esmeralda, Callisto, Arianhod,
Hestia, Brigid, as locks of hair are put into cauldrons as offerings to them.
Mother Goddesses from many cultures are also honored at this time:
Gaia, Mary, Nut, Demeter, Pachamama, Diana, Lakshmi, Kwan Yin, Isis,
Hera, Aphrodite, Astarte, Ariadne, Themis, Hathor, Selene, Asherah,
Inanna, Ishtar, Amaterasu, Kupala, Freyja, Danu, Coatlicue, Lilith, Mawu,
Selene, Cybele, Sarasvati, Corn Goddess, Spider Woman & many others...

In pagan mythology... the young lovers at Beltane have now grown into
responsible adults and caring parents with children created from the passion
of their love. She is now queen, nurturer, sustainer, lover, healer. He is
consort, comforter, protector, and both are working together to see that
life flourishes through the outpouring of love, compassion and continuous task.

This Day of Power mirrors the fruition of all desired. Earth is now abundant
with rich lavish plants, herbs and vegetation; fruits have come forth from
the unification of Sun and Earth energies: Earth Goddess & Sun God...
Lady and Lord, Woman and Man. The people in community also integrate
energies and work together to sustain life. A time to eat, drink & be merry!

Summer Solstice is a time of love, life and power. It mirrors productivity,
fruition, abundance, activity, nurturing and compassion; a time when desires
bloom into reality and life is plentiful. Summer rituals reflect fulfillment.
The Mother Goddess reigns along with the Sun God, reflecting the unity in
and power of relationships.  It mirrors the mystery to create and sustain life,
when dreams have manifested into reality, when action produces results.
It is a time to honor what we've created, what we manifested with our Will;
a time to celebrate family, parents, mates, children, relatives & friends.

Since Summer Solstice celebrates the fullness & abundance of life,
it is a good time to share our accomplishments and attainment of goals;
to dance around summer bonfires, singing and drumming with vitality.
It is a time to honor the sacred fire of life... to feast on joys of life;
a time to honor the mysteries of relationships and efforts made...
to hold reverence for the sustenance of all living things and creatures
in the great web of life; a time to bask in the richness and comforts
that make life worthwhile; a time to bless all that touches our lives.