Greetings One & All !

The Sacred Circle has served hundreds of women for over 33 years now
because reclaiming the Divine Feminine & our unique mysteries as women
is vital to our complete recovery and healing of body, mind, heart & spirit.

The Circle actually began forming its roots in 1985 as the
result of a profound mystical experience that reconnected
me with our Ancient Mother, the Goddess.  

This extraordinary epiphany occurred on a Nature walk in the
Spring of 1985 and changed my life in ways I never dreamed possible.
At the time I was in my 3rd year of recovery, and this
experience was so
powerful, so mind altering, that I was inspired to reclaim my ancestral roots,
work toward ordination in the ministry, embrace Women's Mystery
Traditions and practice a way of life that honors the Goddess.

Since many women I sponsored in recovery were not comfortable with the
patriarchal god of
the program, I began sharing about the Divine Feminine,
about Women's Spirituality and about how I was weaving a spiritual path
for women into my recovery... and before I knew it, a small group of
interested women started coming together. This little group eventually
became The Sacred Circle of Maidens, Mothers & Crones... and I remained
founding mother and overseer as it grew into the Sisterhood it is today.

I finally came to see that reclaiming the Goddess, our divinity within,
and our natural spiritual authority as women is vital to healing our lives.
This awareness is being shared by literally thousands in the world today
but is still a vital & crucial element missing in our recovery programs.

Over the years many sisters have come to the Circle because they have
a void inside they can't seem to fill even if they've been in a recovery
program for a long time. This is very understandable, because there is
a huge gap in Recovery Programs when it comes to women's healing.

12 Step Recovery Programs were originally created BY MEN, FOR MEN,
using a Patriarchal Theology and belief system, and Patriarchy is what
a woman needs
to recover from if she wants to be happy, joyous & free!

Nothing has done more damage to women than Patriarchal Religion, and
since recovery programs continue enforcing patriarchal concepts of religion,
it becomes necessary to create sacred places outside the program where we can
remember who we are and express our true feelings & experiences as women,
a safe space that provides freedom to be ourselves and one that honors
our true nature as creator and sustainer of life. In all my years of
recovery there just doesn't seem to be
any other way around it!

It is important for some women in recovery to have this option. Through
the years I have met hundreds of women in recovery who have struggled in
recovery programs that don't completely fill our needs or support our values.
I've also met numerous sisters who relapse time and time again because
they feel there is something vitally missing in their recovery program
without being able to discern or put a finger on what that "something" is.

No matter what our symptoms: Codependency, internalized oppression,
depression, various addictions to food, sex, love, money, alcohol or drugs,
we can only
address this core problem by detaching ourselves from patriarchal
mindsets long enough to embrace a more empowering path, one that honors
the Sacred Feminine, one that makes sense, one that speaks to our heart & soul,
one that mirrors our true experiences as women, one that helps us reclaim
who we
really are in the world and in the greater scheme of things.

Women have been spiritually starving for centuries & recovering women
are certainly no exception. Some have lived in quiet desperation for an
entire lifetime! Others have tried
various religions, philosophies or therapies
looking for inner peace, while many of us thought marriage, children, career,
college, money, property, prestige, sex, security, people, places or things
would do the trick only to discover that these too were not sufficient enough
to fill the
lingering void deep within our souls. And sad to say, many women
in recovery are still looking to the futility of the Patriarchal world for
happiness or satisfaction when all we really need to magically transform
our lives is
a change of perception and a spiritual path that mirrors
the magical, bountiful and creative powers of the female!

Women have been living a lying story for a very long time, so long, in fact,
that our very souls have gotten lost or fragmented in the process, leaving us
with a deep hunger that only we can remedy with support from other women.
Some of us have glimpses of the truth at times but our denial quickly resumes
when we step back into the drama of the patriarchal world around us
making it very difficult to differentiate true from false in our lives.

Many women, like myself, still attend 12 Step meetings on a regular basis,
but the Circle allows us to step out of our patriarchal reality long enough
to look into a different mirror, one that reveals our true identity, one that
awakens us to a deeper truth, beauty, rapture and ecstasy, one that we've
carried in our souls for eternity. The Circle also provides a real education,
new points of view and new ways of celebrating life to release us from
the fear, pain, futility & self bondage of the past so we can walk freely
with a new vision, richer meaning & deeper gratitude for life on Earth.
To me, the Circle and 12-Step Recovery goes hand in hand.

Joseph Campbell once said that the Earth should be viewed as
one living organism, with us as its connected parts, that it should
become the religious symbol of our new global mythology.
I agree with him. We must awaken to the fact that we are ONE
with Nature & Spirit; one with all things in the great web of life,
that our source of life is here, not in some distant place,
and the quicker we come to realize it the better!

Sisters in the Sacred Circle share this vital truth, and as
we continue dancing through the seasons we are bringing this
awareness to others because Earth Magic is Woman Magic,
and our greatest desire is to be part of the planetary solution
rather than the problem. What problem? Patriarchy!

Humanity as a whole suffers from a fragmentation of soul and
a disconnection with the true-self which produces codependency,
various diseases, compulsive disorders and addictions that result
in many forms of dysfunctional living and diseases of all kinds,
but the underlying cause of any compulsion or sickness in
the world is always the same: Separation from Spirit,
from the Earth, from ourselves, and from each other.

The SOLUTION is the same too: A psychic change or shift in our
perception sufficient enough to deflate our false sense-of-self
and restore our true state of consciousness as divine spirits,
happy, joyous, free, beautiful, lovable, capable & prosperous,
because what we've been looking
for we are looking with!

So feel free to join us in the Circle as we dance through the seasons!
When we work together to reclaim our unique feminine mysteries,
we carry a real message of hope, change & transformation to every
sister seeking true liberation and freedom from the bondage of self.

In love, trust & sisterhood .... JoAnna  
For many years I searched in vain
to fill a void,  to ease the pain,
I learned my roles, I played the game,
but happiness was not sustained...

I struggled long with guilt & shame,
with endless fears I could not name,
I did my best but nothing changed
'til only thoughts of death remained...

When all was lost I came to pray
inviting Spirit to lead the way,
and from the world I did resign
surrendering all for peace of mind...

Through powers of grace & humble pleas
I was led to rooms of recovery;
with kindred spirits I found a home
& claimed a path like none I'd known...

I took twelve Steps to set me free
uncovering and discovering,
discarding all the twisted lies
that I had come to recognize...

Then one fine day, I took a stroll
to contemplate, to fill my soul,
my urge was strong to touch the Earth
in gratitude for my rebirth...

Near quiet ponds in wooded trees
I heard her voice come thru the breeze
and waking from a long, deep sleep
my ancient mother spoke to me...

So, now I live with gratitude
and bless those years of fortitude,
for if I hadn't known such pain
I would not know how much I gained!

~ Silverwitch ~
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Rev. JoAnna "Silverwitch" Medina
Founding Mother of The Sacred Circle

JoAnna is an ordained Minister and High Priestess; Teacher of
Women's Mysteries, Independent Scholar,  Writer, Musician, Poet,
Seer in the arts of Tarot and Astrology;  Mother and Grandmother.
She has continued bringing the Goddess  & Women's Spirituality
to recovering women for over 33 years while sharing her experience,
strength, hope, talent and wisdom in the larger Women's Community.

JoAnna created the 13-Step Path & 13 Traditions of The Sacred Circle
and FERTILE GROUND, her quarterly publication to provide an
alternative in recovery for women who honor the Divine Feminine and
continues carrying a message of hope to women who are healing from
the soul- fragmentation and dysfunctions of Patriarchy while leading
weekly Women's Studies and Empowerment Circles locally and online.
She is Regional Coordinator for GATHER THE WOMEN GLOBAL MATRIX
in Carson City; Overseer of her local recovery group, and founder of Lady
Liberty Sisterhood, an online circle that calls for womyn's awakening,
Transformation and Solidarity in the America's & around the world.  

JoAnna resides in the High Sierra's near family and spends her
time teaching, speaking, writing, doing private readings and leading
Women's Circles, Gatherings & Rituals.  She's written many booklets
and is now publishing her first book: 13 STEPS TO THE GODDESS,
Reclaiming the Power of the Divine Feminine in Recovery.
She's been recovering & reclaiming for almost 35 years.

To sign up for Readings, Women's Studies, Classes  or Circles
with JoAnna ... go to
UPCOMING EVENTS on this website.

A Call for Sisterhood

We call to the spirits of the East... Powers of the Air...
We ask you to fill our minds with sacred knowledge & vision
so we can soar with a greater understanding of all things.
Home of the Maiden & silver crescent moon of new beginnings,
place of the winged ones & sword that cuts through our illusions,
Come, bless us with truth, inspiration & deep communication
& by the air that is our breath... Be with us now!

We call to the spirits of the South... Powers of Fire...
We ask you to fuel our lives with vitality, enthusiasm & zest,
to kindle our desires and charge us with creative expression!
Place of Mother Creatrix, Queen of Life, and glowing full moon,
Home of the noon day sun & magic wand of will, intent & action!
Come, spark our dance with life, courage, passion & power,
& by the light of our eternal bright spirits... Be with us now!

We call to the Spirits of the West... Powers of Water...
Fill our hearts with joy, our souls with ecstasy & rapture,
Bathe us in pools of tranquility, release all that does not serve us,
for you are home to the Wise Crone and waning crescent moon...
Place of setting sun, purple twilight & cup of emotional fulfillment...
Come, bless us with deeper reflection, intuition & healing
& by the waters of our blood, sweat & tears... Be with us now!

We call to the Spirits of the North... Powers of the Earth...
Grace our bodies with strength, comfort and ancient wisdom
as we walk with beauty, repose & gratitude in your sacred ways,
for you are home to ancient dreamers & dark midnight skies,
the sacred cauldron of  birth, death & regeneration,
Come, bless us all with remembrance, peace & purpose...
& by the earth that is our body... Be with us now!

We call to the Spirit of the Center, powers of great mystery...
We ask that you awaken our consciousness as living spirits
& weave us together in perfect love and perfect trust...
For you are the eternal presence of everlasting life,
place of timeless magic,  non-judgement & deepest love,
Come, bless us with change, transformation & freedom
& by the gift of your divine essence, Be with us now...

So, by the Air that is her breath... Fire of her bright spirit...
Water of her living womb... & Earth that is her body...
Bless us all as divine spirits and children of the universe,
in the name of the Maiden, Mother & Crone

So Mote it Be!

Let's Remember...

When the Women Heal...
Families Heal,
When families heal...
Community heals,
When Communities Heal...
Earth Heals!

Blessed Be
Our 13 Traditions
In Gratitude