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The Grove provides links to our Circle Members, Supporters and Friends
along with products or services they offer to the greater community.

Let's Remember.... When the Women Heal, the Earth Heals...
& when we work together our highest & greatest good is manifested!

Blessed Be

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Daria Luna
Active Clan Mother - Reno

Donna is a beloved Initiate & Elder in the Circle.
She became a member in 2000 and took her vows to the
Goddess in the presence of her sisters at our Candlemas
Gathering at Camp Double Bear, 2009. She was also honored
as a beloved elder at a special Croning Ceremony
at Sacred Earth Retreat in 2002.

Donna is a mother, grandmother and belly dancer
& lives with her loving husband in Reno, Nevada.

She is also an Aromatherapist & Herbalist using
her holistic talents & gifts the Wise Woman Way.
She creates  soaps, oils, herbal potions, sprays,
amulets, pillows and charms and also offers
Herbal Workshops to the community.

Donna is now focusing on her recovery while she
leads circles for women in the Reno area.  She is also
a Regional Coordinator for Gather the Women Global
Network and will be ordained as High Priestess soon.

Blessed Be
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OrLady J. Silverwitch

JoAnna is the Founding Mother of The Sacred Circle. She is an
ordained High Priestess in the Dianic Tradition and UCM Minister.
JoAnna began her recovery in 1982 when she resigned from the
ways of the world and entered a 12-Step Program, but after
having a profound epiphany that reconnected her with the
Goddess in 1985, she began blending Goddess Spirituality
with the principles of recovery thus creating the
recovering & reclaiming traditions of The Sacred Circle.

JoAnna is a teacher, writer, activist and independent scholar with
50 + yrs of experience in the mystical arts ofAstrology & Tarot.
As an ordained daughter of Z. Budapest, JoAnna is a member of
the Susan B. Anthony Coven # 1 and shares her years of wisdom
in various publications including the Fertile Ground,
her own quarterly publication born in 1994.

JoAnna is currently preparing to publish her book " 13 Steps to the
Goddess: Reclaiming the Power of the Divine Feminine in Recovery."
She is still very active in her local recovery groups while leading
Women's Study Groups, Pass the Rattle Circles, Tarot Circles
Moon Circles, Women's Retreats and online Circles & Classes.
She is founder & facilitator of Lady Liberty Sisterhood, offering
online support circles to women in our current political climate...
and the Regional Coordinator for Carson City, Nevada

If you're interested in attending Circle with
JoAnna ... please contact  her  at 775-882-1599.
Shakti Rainbow Song
Retired Clan Mother - San Jose

Mira came to the Circle in 2003 after walking
with the Goddess for many years. She was initiated
by Mama Silverwitch into our Dianic Traditions at our
annual Candlemas Gathering at Double Bear in 2009
and now holds her home open for various Circles.

Mira is a gentle soul with a background in Hindu Mysticism.
She also offers her psychic gifts of tarot divination at our
Gatherings. Besides being married to a wonderful man
and having a beautiful  daughter, Mira manages a Library
& travels to faraway lands as often as possible. She enjoys
Crystals, Ayurvadic Vegetarian Cooking &  Baking, Singing,
Meditation & Living in Community with kindred spirits.

Mira lives and walks a path of heart centered spirituality,
giving love to the Earth and all beings without reservation.
She honors the Goddess in all that she does and considers
herself a healing light worker & Reiki Master who is
comfortable in the realm of the Fairies and Angels.

Mira was ordained by JoAnna as a High Priestess
at the Candlemas Gathering at Camp Double Bear, 2011
after serving the San Jose Circle as Clan Mother for 3 years.

If you'd like to attend Mira's Pass the Rattle Circle
in the South Bay area...  please give her a call at:
408 - 857-7244 or go to:
Pass the Rattle Circles

Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle
Clan Mothers
Past & Present
Lady Fire
Retired Clan Mother - Grants Pass

Jeane Shapiro came to the San Jose Circle in 1998
and took her vows to the Goddess in the presence of
her sisters at Candlemas in Sacramento, 2000.

Jeane was active in the San Jose Circle for many years.
She participated in gatherings & rituals as a priestess,
opened her home for Full Moon Circle on a regular basis
and assisted in Pass the Rattle Circles in Willow Glen.

Jeane is daughter, mother & grandmother, spending
many years working with students at the Foundry,
a special program for teen-age students in San Jose.

Jeane now resides in Grants Pass Oregon with her
husband Jerry. Together they created the Heart Song
Gift Shoppe and still very active in recovery.

Blessed Be

  • In the Grove of the Sacred Circle
We are women of the Goddess,
  • Daughters of our Great Cosmic Mother,
created in her image and likeness...
  • Maidens... Mothers... Queens...Crones...
  • Amazons... Priestesses... Weavers... Warriors...
Visionaries... Artists... Healers... Seers...
Singers... Dancers.... Movers... Shakers....

  • In the Grove of the Sacred Circle
  • We move gracefully between the worlds
Casting spells of magic and mystery...
  • Spinning mortal threads of destiny....
Breaking chains of oppression...
Lifting illusions of separateness....
Initiating social change & reformation...
Moving beyond dogma & duality...

  • In the Grove of the Sacred Circle...
  • We gather in the spirit of love & trust
to honor the waxing & waning seasons...
  • Invoking powers of earth, air, fire & water...
  • Celebrating ecstasy, rapture & pleasure
as we dance the double spiral...
Lifting our voices in praise & gratitude
as we raise cones of passion & power...

  • In the Grove of the Sacred Circle...
  • We honor our mysteries & rites of passage,
  • We move with the winds of change
and shine with the sun, moon and stars...
  • Sparking acts of revolution & evolution...
  • Weaving magnificent webs of love & light...
  • Healing, Touching, Changing, Transforming
Releasing all from patriarchal hypnotism...

In the Grove of the Sacred Circle
  • We are remembering who we are,
  • C Mothers & Creators of Humanity,
  • Living libraries of ancestral wisdom,
Ancient echoes of beauty and compassion
Lovers, Friends & Gatekeepers of deep wisdom
giving life to her sacred sons & daughters,
bringing truth, justice, integrity & balance...

In the Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle...
We are Recovering & Reclaiming
the ancient ways of Earth & Spirit...
Our oneness with all things
in the great web of life...
& our Natural Spiritual Authority

We are sealing the bonds of humanity
while restoring lost fragments of the Soul...
We are working together in joyful purpose
doing what we love & loving what we do...
Singing songs of hope...
Beating the drums of freedom,
Doing as we will with harm to none!

Join Us! --- All Women are Welcome!
Rachel Devereaux
Retired Clan Mother - Felton

Rachel is a beloved Elder in The Sacred Circle.

She was earthkeeper of Sacred Earth Retreat
in Ben Lomand, forty acres of rustic redwoods
in the heart of Santa Cruz Mountains and provided
Sweat Lodges, Labyrinth, Garden, Pool and many
sacred spots for magical work & quiet reflection
to various groups including The Sacred Circle.

Rachel has been recovering & reclaiming since 1989.
She was honored as a Crone and Wisewoman in
a special Ceremony held for her in Campbell,  1996,
& worked in conjunction with JoAnna for many years
to provide sacred spaces & gatherings for our women.

Rachel is also an accomplished shaman, healer,
herbalist, pianist, organic gardener,  gourmet cook,
wise-woman and teacher of Nature's Ways.

She became Clan Mother of the Felton Circle in 2004
& led weekly Pass the Rattle Circles for quite some time.

Rachel is now semi -retired
and does exactly as she pleases.

Blessed Be
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