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with a variety of wonderful products or services
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Zsuzsanna & Bobbie

Z. Budapest is the  Founding Mother of the Women's Spirituality
Movement & her teachings have deeply influenced JoAnna and
The Sacred Circle through the years. Reviver of the Dianic Tradition,
her  first public ritual was held in L.A. on Winter Solstice 1971 when she
gave birth to the Susan B. Anthony Coven # 1.  Her Holy Book of Women's
Mysteries was published in 1975 as the Feminist Book of Light & Shadows.
Through the years she's written many books & articles; taught, lectured
and led many rituals and workshops; talked on radio & TV and traveled to
many places sharing her knowledge & wisdom of Women's Spirituality.
Z is the director of Women's Spirituality Forum & Dianic University
an online school providing Women's Studies in the Dianic Tradition.

Bobbie Grennier met Z in 2007,  when she  was tending to the needs
of our sister Shekhinah Mountainwater  in her final days of life.
When Z arrived to administer Last Rites, magic happened between them.
After a year & a day, they  were officially joined together by Rev. Ava Parks
at the
Gathering the Goddesses Festival in La Honda on September 7, 2008.
Bobbie is now head witch and organizer for the Susan B Anthony Coven,
and both live & work together in the South Bay Area bringing a wealth
of inspiration, knowledge & wisdom to women seeking Goddess Ways.

If you would like to Study Online at the  Dianic University
or Subscribe to GODDESS Online Magazine... Please go to:
Shadow Shiner

Cara Grandolfo became a member of The Sacred Circle in early 2004
and was  initiated by Mama Silverwitch into our Dianic Traditions
at the Candlemas Gathering in 2005. Until her move to Tustin with
her husband & son in the winter of 2008, Cara was an active member
of the San Jose Clan,  often leading Full Moon Circle in her home as
well as taking part in weekly Pass the Rattle Circles. Her hope is
is to share our Traditions and gifts of Recovery with others.
She now has a new baby daughter and writes for Fertile Ground.

Cara is an accomplished Priestess, a natural Crafts Woman
and Shaman.... and recently received  her doctorate degree in
the field of Metaphysics and Divinity. In addition to her
participation in The Sacred Circle of Maidens, Mothers & Crones,
Cara is a member of the Star Child Feri Coven and the founder
of the MoonBright Collective, a poised and modest Full Moon
Celebration for women and men. Her wealth of experience and
education also lends an eclectic and professional approach to
her teaching, writings and spiritual-educational programs.

If you are interested in attending Circles or Workshops
with Cara in the Tustin area.... please contact her at:
Rachel Devereaux

Rachel is a beloved Elder in The Sacred Circle and
Earthkeeper of the Sacred Earth Retreat in Ben Lomand.
She and JoAnna met in 1992 when JoAnna was brought
to her land as part of a shamanic class and they hit it off
immediately as recovering women. Rachel invited the
Sisters of the Sacred Circle to her land in 1993 &  we've held
numerous gatherings and circles there for many years.
Sacred Earth Retreat provides a Sweat Lodge for healing,
Labyrinth for reflection, Garden with fruits & vegetables
pool for relaxation and many magical spots for healing,
meditation, writing, ritual, ceremony, teachings, dreaming
dancing, drumming, singing & sleeping under the stars.

Rachel has been
recovering & reclaiming since 1989.
She was honored as Wisewoman in a 1996 Croning Ceremony
& instrumental in JoAnna's healing from breast cancer.
Rachel is an accomplished shaman, healer, herbalist, pianist,
organic gardener,  gourmet cook and teacher of Nature's Way.
She became Clan Mother of the Felton Circle in 2004 and
led weekly Pass the Rattle Circles for quite some time.

At the present time, she is recovering from surgery.

You can contact Rachel at 831-338-3474.
Diane Truly

Diane is a beloved Elder in The Sacred Circle
and has worked with JoAnna for over 23 years.
After entering recovery in 1986, Diane moved from
San Jose to Berkeley and began Shamanic Studies at
the  Heart Song Institute. Later she did extensive
traveling around the world to sacred sites & villages,
participating in various indigenous ceremonies and
studying  with a variety Native Healers & Shamans
where she became adapt at the ancient healing art
of Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval.

Diane began participating in the Circle on a regular
basis in the early 1990's & assisted in the creation of
Pass the Rattle Circles in the Hamilton Ave. house.
After JoAnna's move to Nevada in 1997, Diane was
honored as a Wisewoman in our Autumn Equinox
Croning Ceremony in 1998... Then began opening
her Sacramento home to the Circle at Candlemas,
where we held our annual Initiation Ceremonies.
Diane is now retired and living in the urban area
of Sacramento. She remains active in her 12-Step
Community and sponsors many women in recovery.
She also offers Past Life Regression & Soul Retrievals
at our Summer and Autumn Gatherings at the Lodge.
You may contact her at the email address below.
Brigid Eagle Fire

Rhonda became a member of The Sacred Circle
in 1998 and was initiated in our Goddess Traditions
at Candlemas, 2000, in Sacramento California.

Among her many talents & gifts,  She is a loving
mother, grandmother, wife and caring friend.
She has also served Santa Clara County for many
years as a registered nurse, counselor, caretaker...
offering  her gentle gifts of compassion and healing
to many men & women who have crossed her path.

Rhonda continues to serve the circle through
the years as priestess and ritual leader by
opening her home for Moon Circle or Study.
She's also assisted at Gatherings in ritual,
guided meditations and creativity circle.

Rhonda has also used her medicinal skills in
creating potions & ointments to aide in healing
and she is now in the process of  publishing
her first book on rituals and the pagan path.

You may email Rhonda at:

Annie came to the Circle in 1998 and was the first
member of the Carson City Clan. She worked with JoAnna
in recovery for many years now and was initiated into our
Women's Mystery Traditions at our Candlemas Gathering, 2000.

Annie entered recovery in 1980 and has worked many years
in the medical health care profession as a registered nurse.
Besides enjoying her cats, bird watching, camping in the wild
& interior decorating. she has shared her experience, strength
and hope with many recovering women through the years.

Annie is a skilled drummer and singer but she also takes
delight in helping sisters prepare for Dianic rituals by
offering costume ideas or cosmetic accents at our gatherings.
She is also gifted in arts of Numerology, Astrology & Tarot
and often shares her talents with sisters at gatherings.

Annie has opened her home for Pass the Rattle Circle
and Women's Spirituality Studies and  Discussion as
well as being priestess for Moon Circle's through the years.
She now works full time in Home Health Care.

If you'd like to gain deeper personal awareness
through arts of Numerology, Astrology or Tarot...
Call Annie for a private session at 775-841-7278
Epona Lupa

Lorraine came into The Sacred Circle
in the Spring of 2003. She took her vows
to the Goddess in the presence of her sisters
in our Candlemas Ceremony held at
Hutchinson Lodge in 2004.

Lorraine as been a loyal member
and has various talents and skills.
She is a lover of animals and is quite
good at pottery and ceramics.

She was recently widowed and resides
in the Carson City area with her
daughter, grandchildren & animals.

Please keep her in your prayers
for a smoother transition into
widowed life.
Night Eagle Soaring

Marla came into the Circle at Lammas, 2003
& took her vows to the Goddess in the presence
of her sisters at our Candlemas Gathering
held at Camp Salamander in 2005.

Marla is a native of the mid west
but now lives with her husband David
on a nice piece of land in Washoe Valley.

Among her many skills, Marla is a
Reiki Master and experienced  gardener.
She is the mother of two grown children
and spends her time working for the
local vet and taking care of animals.

Marla has also shared her priestessing
skills in the Circle over the years...
opening her home for Full Moon Circles
and various activities with her sisters.
She loves to read and learn new things
& is presently learning more about Tarot.
Bella Luna

Brenda came to the Circle in 2003.
She was initiated into our Traditions
and took her vows to the Goddess in the
presence of her sisters in our Candlemas
Ceremony held at Hutchinson Lodge in 2004.

Brenda is a mother and a grandmother.
Among her many talents she offers her
priestessing skills in the Circle whenever
she can, leading rituals for Moon Circle
in her local Carson City Circle.

Brenda is now in her third destiny.  
She was honored as a cherished elder and
wisewoman in a special Croning Ceremony
at Hutchinson Lodge,  Fall Equinox,  2009,
She takes an active part in the Circle
whenever she can and works as a
registered nurse at her local hospital.
Annwn Willow Swan

Jen came to The Sacred Circle in 2003
and was initated at Candlemas in 2005.
A Native of San Francisco Bay Area... Jen has
lived in Northern Nevada with her husband
Mike for many years now. She was a mother,
grandmother, gardener and computor wiz
with many creative and artistic skills.

Jen attended the Carson City Circle & offered
cooking & creative skills in our local Circle.
She had a passion for the Celtic Traditions
& opened her home to our sisters on
numerous occasions for Moon Circle.

Jen attended school full time for awhile
& enjoyed traveling with her husband,
visiting her children & grandchildren.
and spending quality time with her art.

Jen passed away in March, 2010
after a long bout with liver disease.
She had accumulated 6 months of
sobriety in A.A. upon her death.

You may still be able to
visit Jen's website at:

Hope came to the Circle in 2009
after being in recovery for 10 years.
She's been attending various circles
and Gatherings as well as being
of service whenever she can.

Hope actively participates in Native American
Sweat Lodges & Teachings on the Red Road.
She also embraces her pagan Celtic roots
and participates fully in the Women's
Mystery Traditions of our Circle.

Hope  enjoys a recovering life style
in Carson City with her husband David
and participates regularly in her
12 Step Recovery Program.

She has 3 daughters and just became
the proud grandmother of two baby girls,
Jade and Trinity.

She also offers Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
to her sisters  in The Sacred Circle.