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Waterfall Dragon Woman

Judith came to The Sacred Circle in 1996 and took part
in many of our circles held on Hamilton Ave in Campbell.
She is the mother of two children and spent many years
teaching at Grammar & High School Levels of Education.

Judith's took her vows of initiation at Candlemas, 1998;
Croned as an Elder in a Ceremony on the Ridge in 2000,
and made a decision to enter recovery in April of 2001.  
She has a long background in Relgious Science and spent
many summers participating in Witch Camp with our
sisters and brothers in the Reclaiming Collective.

Through the years Judith has taken an active role in
The Sacred Circle... holding her home open for various
Circles, Workshops and Full Moon Rituals. She is a creative
priestess, ritualist, poet and writer, offering her stories
& articles of wisdom in Fertile Ground. After retiring as
a teacher in the south bay area.. Judith spent her time
doing pretty much as she pleased: traveling to new places,
visiting friends, going to the Theater, playing with her
cats and spending time with her sisters in the Circle,
square-dancing and playing with her grandchildren.

Judith returned to the arms of the Great Mother in March, 2017.
She was 75 years old and will be missed by all of us.

Judith Eleanor Cureton
August 8, 1941 - March 7, 2017
Lume Gato

Nici came to The Sacred Circle in 2004
and was initiated in our Dianic Traditions at the
Candlemas Gathering at Camp Double Bear in 2007.

A woman of many creative talents, Nici now resides
in Watsonville and travels about doing as she pleases.
She's worked as a bookeeper and accountant through
the years as well as running her own ebay business...
but she is now thinking about going back to school
full time to earn her degree for a better future.

Nici enjoys crocheting, making jewelry, cooking,
dressing up in costume, collecting old books,
bargain shopping, gambling and a good night out.
She likes traveling to the High Sierras,
spending quality time with her mother and sister
or quiet relaxing times tweaking on her crafts.

A strong presence and devoted member of the Circle
Nici delights in bringing her sisters together for
Creativity Circles at our Sabbat Gatherings.
She has also led Pass the Rattle Circle in Felton
and offers her consistent assistance & support
to JoAnna in Circle, rituals and ceremonies.

You may email Nici at...
Alaghom Naom

Tamara began participating in Circle Retreats
in the early 90's on the Ridge at Sacred Earth Retreat.
She became a Circle member in 2002 and was initiated
in the Dianic Tradition at our Candlemas Gathering
at Camp Double Bear in 2006.

Tamara is mother & sole provider to her son Alex
who is now attending college in Southern California.
She has served the County of Santa Clara in the
offices of the Public Guardian and District Attorney
for many years now... offering her legal expertise,
kindness and compassion to the many senior citizens
and Elders that need help in the greater community.

Tamara has a deep passion for the healing arts as
well as foods, nutrition  health and dietary health.
She has also practiced Yoga for a number of years
and has attended many classes in different
parts of the world to improve her skills.

She has recently started teaching Yoga on a
weekly basis in her local community and is
now spending time with her new lover
and making plans for an early retirement.

Leslie came to the Circle at Yule, 2003
and was initiated into our Dianic Traditions at our
Candlemas Gathering at Hutchinson Lodge in 2004.

Leslie served the San Jose Clan by hostessing
Pass the Rattle Recovery Circles & Moon Circles
throughout the years. She also attends our Sabbat
Gatherings & takes an active part in priestessing
our seasonal rituals & ceremonies.

Leslie has a grown son to whom she is very proud,
& is soon to become a grandmother for the first time.
She got the name of Mamabird because of her
love of birds and the critters of the Earth.
She loves to garden & create herbal potions
as well as make natural organic soaps & incense,
which she offers at all of our gatherings.
Mamabird also shared her herbal & medicinal
knowledge at her local Natural Food Store
but her dream is to open her own online business
offering her soaps, incense and natural potions.

Leslie is now residing in Fortuna with her mate Woody,
& hopes to start a Pass the Rattle Circle there very soon.

If you'd like to attend Circle in Fortuna..
Please call Mamabird at 408-239-3228
Cat Heron

Catherine Steele began joining us in
the Circle in the early 90's when we
gathered on the ridge for Sweat Lodges
at the Sacred Earth Retreat.

She's been in recovery for a good many
years and cherished as a valued elder
and wisewoman in The Sacred Circle.

Catherine was honored in 2006 in a special
Croning Ceremony held Autumn Equinox
at Hutchinson Lodge in the High Sierras.

Besides her many talents and gifts,
she enjoys singing in her local choir,
traveling, physical activities, nature,
& spending time with her grandson.
Joyce Angel

Joyce "Angel" Rosenfield  joined The Sacred Circle in the
Spring of 1996. She is a delightful storyteller & professional
harpist who has shared her musical gifts and talent with
numerous audiences and harp lovers worldwide, including
her 1962 debut at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City.

Through the years Joyce has generously offered support to
our Sisterhood and shared her musical gifts and storytelling
at our Mansion Gatherings, Gaia's Grove & South Bay Circles...
inviting group participation in song, chant, skits and ritual.
She's  donated numerous CD's to the Circle and loves sharing
her talent with others in the larger Bay Area Community.

Joyce celebrated her 76th Birthday in January and now
lives in a small cottage in the East Bay Area.  She spends
her time at home creating and gardening while enjoying
her relationship with her cats, friends and Mother Nature.
If you'd like to drop her a line to say Hi...
her email address is...

Joyce offers a variety of musical recordings, stories,
books, products & services on her website at:
Grove of the Sacred Circle

Melanie came to the Circle in
the winter of 2008 and attended her
first gathering at Candlemas, 2009.

She  attends circle and gatherings
on a regular basis and enjoys being
of service to JoAnna and her circle
sisters in numerous ways.

Besides being a very successful
Real Estate Broker, Melanie is a
devoted advocate for Domestic Violence
and very talented in the creative arts.

She loves basking in the beauty of
Mother Nature as often as possible,
and resides in the Carson City area
with her loving husband and their
three beloved canines.

Feather came to the Circle in the
Spring of 2009. She became an active
member in the San Jose Circle and
attended Circles & Gatherings on a regular
basis while working full time in the
Recovery Field.

After attending our Halloween Gathering
at Hutchinson Lodge in 2009, She moved to
Oklahoma with her mother and plans
to start a Circle there at some time.

Feather took her vows to the Goddess
and was initiated at Candlemas, 2011
as Tigress Moon Willow. She has returned
to school to became a nurse and hopes
to get her credentials as an R.N.

Feather is planning to start a Pass the
Rattle Circle in Oklahoma in 2012.
Star Fire Vesta

Leslie Black became of member of
the Circle in the Fall of 2007,
& participated in the San Jose Clan.
She took her vows to the Goddess
in the presence of her sisters at
our Candlemas Gathering
as Camp Double Bear in 2009.

Leslie is the mother of 3 children
& likes to study online in the DU.
She is now living in Carson City
Nevada with her husband Steve...
4 boxer dogs and a cat.

Leslie now works with JoAnna
in recovery and attends Circle
in Carson City on a regular basis.

Nettie Horner started attending
circle with her friend Donna
and became an active member in
the Circle in August of 2009.

She has attended many Circles
in Carson City and Reno
and also enjoyed learning
the Tarot  with JoAnna.

Nettie is a mother & a grandmother.
She works at a department store and
lives with her husband in Reno.
Besides being a generous contributor
to the circle, she is an animal lover,
enjoys cooking along with her husband
and likes growing and sharing
various herbs and vegetables
from her garden.