What is Women's Spirituality?
Charge of the Goddess

" I am the beauty of the green Earth
the white moon among the stars,
the mystery of the deep waters,
the breath of the whispering winds,
& the desire of human hearts...

Therefore... I call upon your soul
to arise and come unto me...
for I am the Soul of Nature
that gives life to the Universe!

From me all things have come
and unto me all things must return,
so let my worship be in the heart
that rejoices.... for behold...
all acts of love & pleasure
are my rituals!

Let there always be beauty in your life,
Strength & Power...  Love & Compassion...
Honor & Humility... Reverence & Joy...
And remember...
Your seeking & yearning
shall avail you not
unless you know the mystery...
For if that which you seek
you find not within yourself,
you shall never find it without...
For behold...
I have been with you from the beginning,
and I am She who awaits you
at the end of all desire!

Blessed Be

Women's Spirituality is a return to the Earth as Mother, source of life.

It is reclaiming our unique mysteries, talents, gifts and values as women.
It is celebrating our lives as Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers,
as Maidens, Mothers, Queens and Crones.... created in
the image & likeness of the Great Cosmic Mother herself.
It is making life, making love and seeing the sacredness in all things!

Women's Spirituality is taking back our female bodies & souls.
It is embracing our natural beauty, magic, power & wisdom.
It is acknowledging ourselves as creators of life, one with all of life.
It is aligning ourselves with natural forces and cycles of Nature;
creating diverse lifestyles and working with sisters everywhere to rise
above the insidious ways of Patriarchy. It is healing from the detrimental
estrangement and sickness created by a toxic world & sleeping humanity.

Women's Spirituality has been called by many names...
Goddess Path;  Woman-Spirit;  Feminist Spirituality; the Dianic Tradition;
but it is primarily rooted in the Ancient Traditions of our ancestors...
and all spiritual systems that honor the female as the giver of life.

The essence of Women's Spirituality is to MAKE WHOLE AGAIN
because it supports a woman's autonomy and right to live freely,
consciously, joyously and harmoniously on every level of life.
It is celebrating our unique mysteries and rites of passage.
It is rejoicing in all that a woman holds near & dear;
it is the reclamation of our body, mind, emotions and soul;
a deep reverence for a living Earth and her natural laws
& for our oneness with all things in the great web of life.

Women's Spirituality celebrates our unique mysteries & rites of passage.
It is honoring ourselves as creators, nurturers and preservers of life.
It is a full moon rituals... new moon ceremonies.... women's rites of passage.
It is playing in a forest grove or basking under night skies & twinkling stars.
It is drumming to the heartbeat of Mother Earth or singing with the wind.
It is remembering ourselves or sharing our stories by a crackling fire.
It is chanting in a stone circle; meditating by a flowing creek;
contemplation in a labyrinth or moving rhythmically in a spiral dance.
It is the glowing aura of candle lit spaces; sweet smelling oils and incense;
house blessings; trance journeys; deep meditation; erotic contemplation.
It is feasting on good food or sharing a ritual drink in a circle of love & trust;
It is healing ourselves with ancient remedies or following intuitive guidance;
It is honoring all the wonderful things women do in every day life;
It is serving humanity and all Her creatures great and small.

Women's Spirituality is self-love above all
with a joyful recognition of our natural spiritual authority.
It is knowing that when we sing, dance, dream, laugh, weep,
feast, make love or make merry, we are honoring
the priceless words of the Great Mother Goddess herself...

"Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
for behold, all acts of love & pleasure are my rituals!"

JoAnna Silverwitch
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The Words of Artemis

Hear the words of the Divine Virgin, Artemis,
Maiden Huntress & Lady of the Beasts...

" You are enough!  Wholeness is your birthright,
your natural state of being. Obey your instincts,
and your true knowledge will lead you back
to your wildness, your essential sacred self.

Be not afraid to remove your harness and
step out of your cage. The cage door
has never been locked, only untried.
Taste and drink of the freedom that is known
to all creatures, that which you have lost.

Run with me & my nymphs through the forest,
knowing the night as your lover...
moving in & out of the shadows,
aglow with silver light.
Feel the wind on your bare body,
& breathe in the ecstasy of a free woman.

To know me is to fully embrace your
wild woman self, and from wildness comes
all possibilities. Let my spirit move in you
like the running deer.... without fear."

by Ruth Barrett
Author of Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries

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Pass the Rattle Circles

Our Lady's Prayer

Our Mother,
Who art the soul of Nature & giver of life,
Holy be thy many names & sacred be thy ways,
Thy wisdom comes as thy way is done,
unfolding within the depths of us...

Bless us this day with love & trust
For thy body provides for our every need, and
let us not fall prey to illusions of separateness
for we are bound, one & the same, with all things.

Your breath moves us, Your fire transforms us,
Your waters shape us, Your Earth heals us...

So let us awaken to the rapture of our soul
& dance with joy to the beating of our heart...
For we are graced with the mystery of Being
in the ever changing turning of the seasons.
Thy laws abide & guide us in all things
with everlasting power & wisdom,
time after time.... now & forever!

JoAnna Silverwitch

The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman
by Vajra Ma

Hidden just beneath the surface of our experience flows a living stream, untainted by the poisons of fear,
ignorance and greed. Though deliberately erased from view for the few millennia called history, this stream
cannot really be eradicated because it is the source of everything, also named the animating force of the
cosmos.  To those who let themselves feel it, this hidden stream is a visceral reality. And to those who shed
the blinders of materialistic indoctrination it is visible in everything. In the ancient Indian traditions of
the Divine Mother it is called "Shakti" the Feminine principle. It is the oldest spiritual linage on Earth,
humanity's more than 200,000 years of universal reverence for the source of life: The Great Cosmic Mother.

Though forgotten and deliberately erased from our memories and our history from generation to generation,
this stream exists. Though hidden, it cannot be removed because it is reality. Though hidden, it is not far. We
have only to turn our gaze inward, to focus and release ourselves into this stream. We can drink from this
source directly. We can receive the wisdom directly, wisdom untainted, wisdom natural and alive.
It is the living stream of female wisdom. The same cosmic power and wisdom that empowers women's
bodies to gestate, birth and nurture life.

I was 35 years old before the idea of a Mother Creator was introduced to me, a concept which seemed
strange to me at first. But once I was over the inertia of my conditioning, it made much more sense than
its widespread and accepted reversal. And, once given the Rosetta Stone by Mary Daly and many other
feminist authors, to decipher the reversal which had demonized the Great Mother, I proceeded to reverse
the reversal in my own consciousness. I opened Pandora's Box! True to Mary Daly's term, the Great Reversal,
this box was not filled with curses, dangers or evils as threatened in the patriarchal distortion of Pandora's
original story, but abundant with the rich and varied gifts of a loving Mother Creator. Pandora literally means
"giver of all gifts" and Pandora's Box is rich with the legacy of Women's Natural Spiritual Authority.

WOMEN'S WHAT?  --- If that's what you are thinking, then you, as I once did - along with a
majority of the human race - do not know that Woman once held spiritual authority in the world,
let alone that we came by it naturally.  Like most average Westerners, I grew up in a world where the
Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden was forbidden. The ancient symbols of the Great Mother's
serpentine life force rising thru the human body, the Tree of Life, had been reversed into symbols of evil.
Especially the female body which is the Tree of Life
par excellence, which is literally "carnal knowledge"
was equated with the source of everything that ails humanity. This demonization or at best the misogyny
of Woman extends far beyond western Judeo-Christian cultures into Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and most
other cultures and globally into all systems based on them and supported by them.

Though my personal spiritual path is Goddess orientated, Women's Natural Spiritual Authority can
operate and has operated both within patriarchal religion and outside a religious context altogether.
Some of the women's stories shared in this primer will illustrate this.

The dynamics of Women's Natural Spiritual Authority are based in nature, in reality, and they are universal
to Woman regardless of belief systems and societal constructs. Thus the word natural. And herein lies its
tremendous power to "save the world."  The reader can rest assured that seeing validity in the information
presented here does not require a conversion to any particular spiritual path or viewpoint. We do not need
to construct new governments, institutions, bureaucracies, non-profit organizations, belief systems,
cultures or religious dogma, nor do we need to destroy the old. We merely need to WAKE UP TO REALITY!
The rest will follow. Right action arises with stunning alacrity and accuracy when reality is the inspiration.

In reality we do not experience a split between the physical and the spiritual, between natural vs divine.
Neither reality nor human experience provide for such a dichotomy. It arises only with the advent of
patriarchal religions which are based on the artificial doctrine of separation. In fact, far from being
separate, it is from the nature of the female body, which encompasses Woman's power to create life,
that a cascade of inseparable emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dynamics unfold,
naturally and spherically. This the basis of Woman's Natural Spiritual Authority.

To purchase Vajra's Book... From a Hidden Stream...
or to learn more about her... go to her website at:


Women's Religion
As in Heaven, So on Earth

What people believe is political because it influences their actions and
because it is the vehicle by which a religion perpetuates a social system.
Politics and Religion are interdependent.

Every new social structure strives to come up with some kind of mythology of
divine origin for its values and aims.  The
mythology is passed on for generations,
and often its validity goes unquestioned for centuries. For example, a self-created
male god who has no mother is a totally insupportable concept. It is, to say the least,
not supernatural, but merely unnatural. Nothing in nature parallels, let alone
substantiates, such an absurdity. Everything, even a star, originates somewhere.
Every creature in the world has a mother force.
Obviously, to deny motherhood is to deny women.

Patriarchal religion is built on this denial, which is its only original thought,
the rest of the edifice having been ripped off stone by stone from the Old Faith
of Paganism. The Christian Trinity is a word-by-word reversal of the Fates, the
Three-Fold Mother, the Graces. The Dove is the sacred bird of the Great Mother.
The Great Mother was eventually incorporated into the new Christian religion
in the form of the Virgin Mary, who is today worshipped in an
fashion in the Catholic Church.

Who absorbs whose culture is a crucial issue on the cultural battlefield.
Those who refused to accept this accommodation and continued to
practice the ancient arts of our ancestors were persecuted.

Women's Spirituality is rooted in Paganism, where women's values are dominant.
Goddess worship was once universal. Women's religion is pleasure-oriented,
joy and feasting prone, celebrating life with dancing and lovemaking.
Working in harmony with Mother Nature, we discover and recover the
All-Creatrix, the female power without whom nothing is born or glad.

Male energy pretends to have power by disclaiming the female force.
Today, given the patriarchal society within which we live,
feminist politics say clearly that the real enemy is the internalized
and externalized policing tool that keeps us in fear and psychic clutter.

The Craft of Women is not only a religion; it is a lifestyle.
In the time of the Matriarchies, the craft of women was common knowledge.
It was rich in information on how to live on this planet, on how to love and fight
and stay healthy, and especially on how to learn to learn. The remnants of that
knowledge constitute the body of what we call
witchcraft today, or woman-craft.
The massive remainder of that knowledge is buried within ourselves, in our deep minds,
in our genes. In order to reclaim it, we have to open ourselves up to psychic
experiences in the safety of feminist circles. This is the Dianic Tradition.

A new kind of trust is the most important contribution that women's spirituality
has to give the women's movement. We learned we can trust our bodies when we
learned we had the right to control them. We are learning we can trust our souls
through learning that our right to have them is rooted in our recognition of
the Goddess, of the female principle within the universe and ourselves.
It is from this source that our independence comes.

From the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries
by Z. Budapest


Seasonal Magick

The year is a dancing woman
Who is born at the coming of Spring
The year is a dancing woman
Of her birth and death we sing...
In spring she comes to power
When the red of Her moon bloods come
Then She dances & spins toward summer
To the beat of Her passion's drum...
'Tis then She become so fertile
With the Life that is to come
She flows with the life that feeds us
'Til the Harvest Time is done...
Then she dances & spins toward darkness
All dressed in autumn fire
To descend to the time of shadow
And rest from the world's desire...
Then her hair is touched with silver
Winter's wisdom claims her soul
And She births the spirit within us
Bringing light and hope to us all...
Igniting a blaze in the darkness
To kindle the coming spring
She dreams 'til her resurrection
And Her story again begins...
The Year is a dancing woman
Who is born at the coming of spring,
The year is a dancing woman
of Her birth and death we sing!

by Shekhinah Mountainwater

beloved late Sister and Friend
The Dianic Tradition is a creative, evolving mystery tradition inclusive of all women.
It is an Earth based, Goddess centered spirituality that was revived from the
ancient European religions of women in 1971 by author & activist Z. Budapest.
Our practices include honoring our mental, emotional and physical experiences while
celebrating numerous life cycle passages that all women share simply by being born female.
The Dianic Tradition as part of the feminist movement recognizes the greater influences
of our dominant patriarchal culture on every aspect of a woman's life and provides circles,
ceremonies & healing rituals everywhere to counter the effects of a misogynist culture.
We define Patriarchy as the use of power-over thinking and action to oppress others
both institutionally & within the personal sphere of our lives, and the Dianic tradition is
a realistic, practical path that feeds a woman's soul, both individually and collectively.

For people raised and programmed in the patriarchal religions
of today, religions that affected even the most secular aspects of our
society, perhaps there remains a lingering, almost innate memory
of sacred shrines and temples tended by priestesses who served
in the religion of the original supreme deity.

In the beginning... people prayed to the Creatress of Life,
the Mistress of Heaven... the Great Cosmic Mother of All.
At the very dawn of religion,
God was a woman.
Do you remember?

Merlin Stone