Winter Solstice marks the time
of sun's returning light
when pagans gather everywhere
performing ancient rites...

Evergreens are dressed in style
with tinsel, bells and bows
holly strung with berries red
is hung near mistletoe...

Children smile when hearing tales
of good ol' Santa Claus
And in delight, they wait the night
to hear his reindeer pause...

Singing voices echo Carols
'round the festive food...
Eggnog flows as candles glow
near hearths of crackling wood...

Moonlight beams as Goddess dreams
in silvery mystic glow,
blackened skies with stars on high
cast shadows on the snow...

Fire's burn with glowing coals
as chilly breezes blow...
And deep renewal brews again
as seeds gestate below...

Wishing you a
Very Merry Yule Season!

With Many Blessings
Mama J. Silverwitch

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the first day of Winter. It is marked when the sun
enters Capricorn, a cardinal Earth sign. This is the longest night of the year...
a pivotal point that marks the return of the Sun's waxing light;  when days
begin growing longer and winter graces us with brighter days to lift our spirits
through the colder months that lie ahead...

The festivities for this holiday actually start way before the actual turning of the wheel
on the Winter Solstice. From the feast day of All Hallows Eve until the Winter Solstice,
we move through the shadows of the Dreamtime, when nights grow long and darkness cloaks
the body of the Great Mother. During this time we begin unwinding, reflecting and releasing
as we enter the shadows of our own phyche to prepare for rebirth. This gives us time to look
deeply into ourselves, to let go of that which was; to give thanks for all we've received
and to gather with family and friends to celebrate this glorious process of transformation.

This is a magical time of thyear, when hope abounds and spirits still reign! Even the
dearly departed & ancestral spirits at Halloween seem to follow us into the Yule season!
Remember the spirit of Old St. Nick or Father Christmas? And what about the ghosts
of Christmas Past, Present and Future in the famous tale of Uncle Scrooge by Dickens?
How about the Fairy Snow Queen who suddenly shows up on her sled to take us on a
mystical journey to realms beyond this one.... or magical Crones like Befana,
Frau Holle or her sister Perchta? All these Crone's were celebrated on the
Winter Solstice because they were benevolent benefactors, like Santa Claus,
who travelled in their magical wagons or sleds bringing gifts to all the people.

After Thanksgiving, all work together to illuminate the dark nights of December.
Twinkling lights begin lining the streets in neighborhoods all over the country.
Flickering candles of red, green & white grace our altars as frankincense & myrrh
fill the room near floral arrangements of bayberry pine needles & poinsettias.
Glazed nuts, dried fruits & eggnog with nutmeg invite our taste bud's delight.
Evergreen trees are decorated with glowing lights, sparkling tinsel, shining
ornaments near wreaths of holly, red berries, pine cones and dried flowers.
Mistletoe hangs in the doorways inviting the sweet kiss of friendship while
hearth fires burn with smoking cedar, oak, pine or eucalyptus that fills the crisp
chilling air with sweet aromas & lingering smells that uplift our hearts & souls.

During the colder months of Winter, seeds from the last autumn harvest germinate
within the womb of our Great Mother as she rests and dreams. It is a magical time,
filled with hope, promise, expectancy, potential, renewal and joy. In our rituals
and ceremonies... we celebrate the return of the sun's light, because it will bring
warmth & spark the seeds of life that will resurrect as new growth in the Spring.

In ancient religions & traditions around the world, this time symbolizes the
birth of the divine or promised child, the light of the world, who is you & me,
for doesn't each child bring hope, light & redemption to each new generation?  
Like the Sun Gods that have been honored at this time throughout the ages,
Osiris, Horace, Ra, Bacchus, Tammuz, Dionysus, Mithra, Shiva, Jesus & others,
many of us in the Dianic Tradition honor the great Sun Goddesses like Lucina,
Amaterasu, Hestia, Lucifera, Brigid, Bast, Befana.... or  Divine Mothers like Isis, Mary,
Maya, Rhea, Great Corn Mother, Lady of Guadalupe, Lilith, Eve, Diana, Demeter,
Cerridwen, Hera and many others who gave birth to divine daughters and sons
that brought hope, promise, renewal, light & illumination to this dark world!

So you see, my dear ones...
the Yule Season symbolizes the mystery of Immortality & Rebirth,
when we come from darkness into light on the great eternal wheel...
from the unseen to the seen.... from immortality to mortality...
when we are born from a womb once again, into the realm of time & space,
to bring light to the world & mirror the gift of regeneration and eternal life!

And so it is! ---- Blessed Be
Peace Prayer

Star Light, Star Bright
Northern Goddess of the Night
We send our wishes up to you
Weaving Magic tried & true

We cast a Circle with delight
Cloaking Earth in rainbow light
As Air, Fire, Earth & Water
blesses all her sons & daughters...

Trancing round the Yule Tree
We spin our dreams of destiny,
Calling all Communities
to banish war's reality...

We bind our spirits, hearts & hands
declaring peace on every land
Touching, Changing, Earth to Sky
Healing wounds of days gone by

Shine our visions out this night
Bathe & Bind in silver light
Kindle sparks of Peace at Yule
bringing rebirth & renewal!

~ Silverwitch ~